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This is what "lol" sounds like irl. Say it with me, Laaaaaawwwwwlllll. Good job.
Lawl, tif, wtf.
by Teh1337d00d January 16, 2003
Leaning Against Wall Laughing.
Alex: What do you call a cupboard full of lesbians ?
Jill: I don't know what ?
Alex: A Liquor cabinet
Jill: LAWL!
by alicekilledwonderland June 08, 2010
a word used when stuck or completely lost and confused. Also, sometimes used to refer to something as stupid or retarded; created by DiCKD.
Demitri: Damn dude! I just got raped my nigga...

Carlos: I know bro. I got to the matrices and I was like; LAWL!

Demitri: Totally. It was a completely lawlish test.

Carlos: Lawl.
by see10s May 26, 2010
Laugh out loud.

A written term to describe the vocalization of the acronym "lol"

Created in the early part of 2001, this acronym began being seen in blogs and web-posts everywhere. in recent times, however, some people began to speak the acronym "lol" rather than symply laughing.
As a result, some morons decided to spell out the acronym as it sounded when spoken.
"I fell down the stairs yesterday and it really hurt."
by Fortis May 04, 2010
LAWL - 1)to be full of joy and excitment, can be used in any word with the letter L. 2) when used in any word with the letter L, adds joyus expression to that word.
Have you been to the LAWLbriary latley?
by Attack of the monkeys March 19, 2010
"Laugh all Wale like"

LAWL is used in place of lol or other laughing notions. Extreme Jeydon Wale (A.K.A Hunter) fans use this.

Jeydon Wale is a youtube star with thousands of girls trying to stalk him. Mostly girls ages 10+ use this because they are obsessed with an 18 year old that they have no chance with.
"dude that blonde joke made me lawl"

Person 1: "the blonde was like how many is a brazilian?"
Person 2: "LAWL!!"
Person 1: "IKNOW lawl!!!"
by PB and Jaye March 14, 2010
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