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This is what "lol" sounds like irl. Say it with me, Laaaaaawwwwwlllll. Good job.
Lawl, tif, wtf.
by Teh1337d00d January 16, 2003
A super 1337 way of saying "lol"
"Im so 1337"
by Bertage November 23, 2006
Phonetical spelling of lol or "Laughing A Whole Lot"
1:I pwned them so hard last night!
2:LAWL, you wish.
by Nanaki May 31, 2006
In miami , word used online and in vocal speech as a synonym for lol or laugh out loud. Or used in a conversation between nessa and sebas , L for laughing , A for at , W for white , L for losers , L.A.W.L laughing at white loosers
"hey nessa that white guy tripped lawl".
Laughing Awkwardly With Lube

used as one would use lol, rofl, etc... only so much better

Person 1: Maya is a beautiful brilliant goddess!

Person 2: lawl, you're such a kidder
by HoneyBunch2234 November 28, 2006
Lawl. another way of typing "lol" also known as anybodys word.
Aaron: LAWL its my word
Dani: lAWL your wrong
by daniellebergere June 09, 2006
LAWL: use insted of lol, meaning "Laughing a whole lot"
player 1: I am going to own you.
player 2: your pro. LAWL.
by Viridian Knight April 02, 2006
Lol for faggots,fags,queers,homos,jews,fagbags,assbags,jackbags,gassbags, and jackwagons. also spelled Lawlz
Joe: Dude your mom sucked me up!

Faggot: Lawls no way!

Joe: Lawls? No wonder your name is faggot!

by bobjoboulous December 11, 2010
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