A shortened exclamation of Lord, Lordy, oh Lord and good Lord.
"Laws, that's a big cat"

Rob - "You stepped in dog poop."
Mom Mom Williams - "Laws"
by Rob's Mom Mom Williams January 10, 2005
Standing for "Light Anti-Armor Weapon" the L.A.W M72 disposable rocket launcher utilizes a 66mm rocket and has been used with United States military forces since 1961 and modernized versions such as the L.A.W M72A7 are now currently in service.
"John aimed the L.A.W at the UFO and waited for it to ascend to his liking then fired sending the Reticulins inside to a fiery death."
by Merchant August 05, 2005
Noun - the God of Good Sex and Good Looks.
Adjective - used to describe someone who is incredibly good looking and/or intelligent and/or amazing in bed.
Adjective - another word for perfection.
I wish I could be Law.
I worship Law!
by Collins English Dictionary February 06, 2003
A rule or point of view which is non negotiable. A policy which is not up for discussion.

word,straight up,truth,policy,fact
Q: Dude, can I borrow your car?
A: No
Q: Why not bro?
A: That's the law!
by Werd Smith May 20, 2009
What people break for fun!
Fuck you authoritarian, capitalist, corrupt, narcissistic BASTARDS, have a molotov in your bank's lobby!


Law my ass, its just what the biggest gang in the country tell us to do!
by MrAnarchy! July 19, 2010
Laughing At Work.
Steve: I can't believe your boss did that!
Crystal: I know, he def shouldn't have sent that email out company wide LAW!
by scubuh April 21, 2010
M72 - Light. Anti-Tank. Weapon. (LAW)
A relitivly small/lightweight rocket launcher.
Used in todays U.S. military
Shoot that tank with a L.A.W!
by Cr@zY T3rr0r!$t July 21, 2004

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