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used to describe women who, in any other scenario would be considered hunchbacked, slovenly, heinous wildebeasts. But, because of their captive audience (law school men) and their alternatives (other trolls, buffalos, and wildebeasts) they somehow garner attraction.
Q: "Is she hot or law school hot?"
A: "Well, considering her muffin-top fupa, hairy upper lip, lazy eye, and club foot, she is most definitely law school hot."
by DU2L March 05, 2008
The phenomenon of barely mediocre-looking males finding themselves fought over by increasingly desperate single women going through a quarter-life crisis who, by default, turn to any single (or not single) guy within proximity.
"So Brian lives with his parents, is hugely in debt, eats mayo sandwiches, is in law school because he's afraid of the real world and has manboobs... but he's kinda cute in his own way"

"that's because you're 27, law school leaves no time to meet anyone, and you think you'll die alone. You need to get out of Sullivan Hall - he's just law school hot."
by Seattle U Law 2011 January 19, 2009
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