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similar to beer goggles, law school students develop these when they find themselves attracted to people that they would never have been attracted to in the real world. this usually happens very early into their first semester of law school.
a hot girl that finds herself attracted to a guy that would be ranked a 4 because he is the hottest in her class. she has acquired law school goggles.
by aly rocks February 27, 2008
This condition is similar to beer goggles, it infects law students of all grade level who attempt to start over in their search for romance.

This often leads to "settling" or hooking up with members of ones class who are not attractive.

Because of the limited hotness that law school presents this beer goggle effect is multiplied by 3 in law school.
Law Student: Hey man, I have been talking to Tracy, she is dime.
Law Students Friend: Man, you must have law school goggles, Tracy is a 3.
Law Student: I think I'm in love.
by Law Schoolio July 05, 2009
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