An all girls school in Melbourne known to give out too many scholarships, spend money on a TV that doesn't get used in the refectory and then wonder why there's no funding left. Lauriston Girls are typically not that attractive and the school is mostly divided into sluts and nerds. the teachers are bellow average and most students spend all class doing nothing.

After school you can see the girls in the local cafe's with no hats or blazers.

Lauriston has no brother school and hates all the other private girls schools as-well.
The girls can be nice sometimes but also very bitchy.
person 1: shes such a slutty lauriston girl...
person 2: but look at that international nerd student behind her
person 1: typical lauriston...
by minichocolatechip November 21, 2012
Top Definition
a kickass school
"oh what school does she go to?" "lauriston" "omg shes so lucky/cool/awesome/amazing, i wish i was her"
by melbz July 10, 2008
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