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A bad ass, super talented dude. Usually in Brooklyn, but not always. Loyal to adidas and 7 jeans. Has authoritative control over women and weimaraners. Begins each and every morning with a cold Tecate. If you see this clever character, tell him the word on the street is he's banging Jimmy's sister.
"Did you hit on that dude?" "Hell no! he's out of my league - a total fuckin Laurent"
by Megan Rae April 14, 2008
A feminist who's really cool, and outspoken, outgoing, energetic,sexy, intelligent, and all about PEACE LOVE AND EQUALITY!!!
Wow that rally is full of Laurents.

I want to be a laurent.
I speak up for the rights of all people, so that makes me a Laurent.
by Insanityintheformofshorts December 06, 2009
verb, noun; pronunciation (lore-ront)

1. to slyly create relationship problems between couples by befriending and flirting with all girls with boyfriends

2. to quickly get to know hot girls, and then not hook up with them due to his gravitation towards friend zones

3. to scrounge

4. to have an inordinate amount of girls suck him

5. to shoot the ball every time
Guy 1: (walks into bedroom) Dude, thats my girlfriend

Guy 2: (quickly hopping out of bed and putting on grey NMH sweatpants) bonjour bounjour croissant

Guy 1: Fuck I just got laurented!
by BusyBoy11 February 13, 2011
An extreme douche bag with the social integrity of a 2 year old. He loves to go for younger girls and thinks he knows everything. When he is not flirting with girls that are 12, he is in the canteen giving out blow jobs to whatever guy is willing to pay a buck. He has a tiny Penis and does not realise that what little skill he has in bed will be of no use as he likes it in the ass.
"Dude, that was such a Laurent move" or "Stop sucking dicks Laurent"
by suckitlaurent June 10, 2013

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