A girl with an amzing sense of humor. Loved by many, and doesn't care what people think about her. Sings without even knowing, and says what she thinks. The only guys that meet her expectations live in a foreign counrty, and they seem to like her too. She'll be famous one day, just watch.
German guy: Sie ist so hübsch! Ich liebe Lauren<3
by a12b3c4d5e April 15, 2012
The beautiful girl who's a tough badass. She has a very broad knowledge of things and is not afraid to tell the truth. She makes people laugh and make them get in trouble with her. Is the center of attention. She likes dresses but hates cigarettes and cigars.
It takes balls to be a Lauren.
by OrangeAdidasHoodie February 03, 2013
lauren is a friendly girl who is always up for fun and a laugh.

she will usuall be nervous at first but when you get to know her she is GREAT.

definatley that BEST night/time you will EVER have!

plus has a great arse!
'lauren was the best i've had!'

'nice booty'
by lucas mitchel October 27, 2011
An amazing girl who's pretty, intelligent and doesn't mind giving up her time for anyone. She is very protective of her family and close friends...you don't want to mess with her. She might act tough and nasty on the outside but inside shes very kind and caring. Lauren's have amazing personalities... shes a person you can laugh a lot with and have fun times with. Shes the perfect woman and many men think so however, this leads to jealousy and hatred from females after Lauren gets all the attention Once you know a Lauren your life will change forever, she truly is the greatest person I've ever met.

Shes also a bit of a minx in bed. If your lucky enough to bag her in bed she will ensure you remember the night. Shes amazing at giving head and fantastic on top. Truly an amazing miracle in bed.
Man: "whos that?"
Man 2: "shes beutiful...look at the way she walks...shes so amazing"
Man: "its clearly a Lauren"

Man 5: "Who did you sleep with?"
Man 6: "she was amzing...so good at head"
Man 5: "must have been a Lauren"
by FAMILY FEUDS August 18, 2013
The most beautiful girl ever, who has pretty eyes, cute cheekbones, a perfect smile, is sweet, athletic. All-around amazing. Why is she this perfect? Nobody knows because Lauren is too modest to admit that shes perfect.
Lauren is Perfect.
by Goalie Guy June 24, 2013
The most amazing women you will ever meet. She will drive you crazy just thinking about her. She is incredibly sexy, super smart, and very caring. If you ever are lucky enough to date a lauren, take notice of this once in a lifetime opportunity. She is one of the most beautiful people on earth.
Wil: What do you think about that girl?
Brent: Shes okay, but Lauren is way better.
by bdude April 04, 2012
a girl who is so beautiful inside and out. Guys appeal to laurens because of their amazing body and beauty but once they get to know her, the guy falls in love and cant get her out of his mind. Laurnens are typically brunettes, daddys girls, have sexy brown eyes, and are tan. They are really funny, sarcastic, great personality.
Person 1:Wow, this hot girl just moved in across the street
Person 2: Her name is Lauren
Person 1: she is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen.
by matt servere October 23, 2011

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