A beautiful intelligent girl who loves to laugh and have fun. A Lauren is a real sweetheart who has a very kind heart. A Lauren has the brightest smile and the most awesomest eyes that would melt anyone's heart. She is a natual beauty not only on the outside but on the inside as well. To love and know a Lauren is truly a blessing. If you are ever lucky enough to date a Lauren hang on to her as she is a one of a kind girl. A beautiful girl whom makes you go crazy . :D She also loves to wear lip gloss.
"Wow! Look at her! She's such a Lauren! Let's go say heyyy!"
by lolgirlll500 October 21, 2011
An amazing girl who is sometimes shy but is not afraid to express her feelings.Lauren will never let anything get to her and she will always keep her head held high. She is talented but doesn't believe it and she is so beautiful. She is kind hearted and any boy would be lucky to have her. She goes hyper when she's with her friends but still sometimes worries what people think of her. Lauren cares about friends and family more than herself or anyone else and would do anything to stand by them. She's so perfect.
I love Lauren<3
by Smellymelly October 16, 2012
A cool kid who always pays drinks and earns lots of money.
A lot of girls want te be around him because of his handsome musclear appearence. Hated by many, loved by much more!
Random guy: I want to look like Laurens!
Random jealous guy: No man, he's an ass!
by boywonder664668 June 04, 2011
The best of the best, a cute and all around fun girl to be around, is stubborn but understanding, quit tell you know, The best bestfriend some one could ask for even though you know you kinda wish it was more then that. To sum things up an AMAZING blond that every one should get to know.
guy1:hey man i met this amazing girl last night
guy2:oh you met lauren?
by Bestfriend/husband April 26, 2011
The one girl who will never stop blowing your mind. she has a magical power that can erase your memory, she can take the worst thing ever and make you not even care. she is the kind of person everyone wants the one who is so beautiful in her own kinda beauty everyone knows she is the prettiest girl alive and everyone wants her yet she has already chosen her man. she is human yet at the same time angelic she knows all the right words to make a person feel better she always wants everyone to be happy and she will do anything to make her man happy she is lover. if you ever get the pleasure of spending time with her you'll understand. Lauren is the one everyone wants but only one gets and no one else will ever touch her.
Lauren is more beautiful than a Sun rise in the middle of summer. Lauren is the one everyone wants but only one gets.
by sweet lucille January 14, 2013
A girl who is outgoing and loud. She loves meeting new people and talking with people. Lauren is a person you will almost never see alone. But she is a person who hides so much. She is trustworthy and handles everything with care. If a Lauren hurts your feelings she'll feel the guilt for days. Get on a Lauren's good side and you'll see she can be the life of the party. A Lauren is loved by many hated by few; and a Lauren is a girl who you trash her, or hurt her, you will pay, but don't worry she can also be very forgiving.

Friends:"Heyy, want to come eat lunch with us Lauren?"


Lauren:"I'll be there in one second!"
by telling_truths April 30, 2012
prettiest girl in the world
Lauren you are the prettiest girl in the world.
by prettiest girl in the world June 04, 2011

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