A wonderful, beautiful, sexy, and amazing girl. Makes you smile no matter how your feeling. Someone whos always there for you when you need them. Someone who will drive you crazy but in a good way. Someone whos perfect in every way
look at her shes so perfect
stanger 2
shes a lauren :)
by shocker13 November 08, 2010
Usually looks amazing and can look good in just about everything but she doesn't think so
"Woww lauren is such a model"

"Pity she doesnt see it too"

"How can she not"
by princessjasmin11 September 21, 2011
Lauren is a girl who'll do anything just to make you smile. She's strong, independant and smart but it's ultimately her kindness that'll melt your heart. Then, after your heart is open to her and she's made you smile you'll want nothing more than to see her smile because though Laurens' are pretty it's their smiles that make them beautiful.
The second Lauren smiled at me, was the second I knew I'd never see anything more dazzling.
by DancingMoon December 27, 2011
Lauren is amazing. She is the most popular, prettiest, funniest, kind, caring, sweet, gorgeous, loveable girl there is.

Everyone wants to be her, everyone looks up to her. Whenever someone has a problem, they'll immediately go to her for help. She has friends in every friendship group, from popular to the weirdos, everyone loves her. Lauren's smile hides many things, which she will share with only her most trusting friends. She the girl that all the guys want and all the girls want to be. She can get any guy she wants, and has had her fair share of boyfriends. She isn't a slut, if she's in a relationship she's in it for months, not days. She's been out with guys older and younger. She's an amazing lover and, if you have her, never let her go, because you will never come across a girl as beautiful as her ever again.
'Who's that?'
'Dude, how can you not know? That's Lauren!'
'Where's she been all my life? She's beautiful!'
by LittlePorter November 03, 2011
Lauren is the bestfriend everyone craves to have. She's popular and athletic but has friends on everylevel. Shes nice to everyone she meets and she will defenitly make you laugh at the best times especially when you need it. she also has the loudest laugh in history. Shes there when you need her and is a really good listener. she may not care about your dumb problems but she'll be there to listen and help you. Shes gorgeous, has brown eyes, and brown poofy curly "poodle hair". Shes really outgoing and says shes "friends" with everyone. Shes still looking for mr.right even though shes dated everyone in the history. Shes crazy, and weird and not afraid to admit it. Even though she may be bubbly on the outside, her inside life sucks. shes depressed and hides a lot of feelings inside. She plasters smiles on her face just to make everyone else happy. I love you lauren! you will always be my bestfriend ever! <3 i hope you get to meet a lauren! <333 :)
that was totally lauren.

thats my bestfriend
a lauren would totally say that
by laurensmybestfriendforever<333 November 25, 2010
SOOOO SEXY!!!! THE SEXIEST THING YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!!! everyone wants to go out with her because she is so fun and nice. has the best personality ever.
have you seen that girl lauren?

yeah she is so hot
by 123456789101112131415161718 November 18, 2011
An amazing girl who is sometimes shy but is not afraid to express her feelings.Lauren will never let anything get to her and she will always keep her head held high. She is talented but doesn't believe it and she is so beautiful. She is kind hearted and any boy would be lucky to have her. She goes hyper when she's with her friends but still sometimes worries what people think of her. Lauren cares about friends and family more than herself or anyone else and would do anything to stand by them. She's so perfect.
I love Lauren<3
by Smellymelly October 16, 2012
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