an amazing brown haired brown eyed girl who is drop dead gorgeous.Whom would do anything for anyone.Who's not afraid to let people know how much of a weird o she is.Who always makes mistakes before doing something right.Who's got an amazing boyfriend who's loved her from the first day they met.Who's got so much talent,that it blows you away.
my girlfriend Lauren.
by dave days October 12, 2008
A beautiful, smart, amazing girl that once met, cannot escape your mind. Blonde with beautiful greenyblue eyes and has a vivid complex imagination. She is unbelievably sexy with a great body and perfect smile. This girl is very rare and unique but once found she will make you the luckiest guy on earth.
look at that beautiful blonde girl over there chasing butterflies, shes such a lauren.
by Andy Dragon August 31, 2008
Lauren is an amazing person who can change peoples lives, for the better and for the worst, but mostly for the better. a Lauren has a tough life, and has seen some bad times, but she is strong and battles to stay upright. she will keep her thoughts to herself and open up to few people. She's dark, and deep on the inside, but spazzy and crazy on the outside. she loves to cause chaos in the mall. Lauren has the most beautiful, amazing, lively best friend ever, who she has changed from the nerdy little goody goody, to someone actually having a life, but still refrains for making stupid decisions. she is all in all the total package for an awesome friend.
Me: Hey Lauren, want to ride the little baby merry go round in the mall?
Lauren:yeah! lets do it. Then let's go kick the photo booth machine!
*hops on merry go round with two other teenage guys*
Lauren: Mall cop! get off!
by BritMCR May 15, 2011
Author’s slang for one possessing an intuitively witty gift of the written word. Many writers strive to attain the comedic and satirical skills that are associated with this level. Also, this may only be applied when said writer embarks on marathon sessions, resulting in over 10 instances of said skill level.
“Lauren” can be in interchanged with “Eternal Parody Goddess”
"Have you read the latest installment? That is sheer Lauren, right there."
by aerojello October 22, 2008
she makes you go crazy, is awesomely cool, and perfect in every way. she is smart, funny, incredibly gorgeous,mand sexy. the kind of girl you want to spen the rest of your life with. bold often falls for guys easy but gets over them. the one all the guys want for her looks at first, but then realizes she is truly awesome and sexy. the girl you will never forget.
"dude, who is that girl?"

"Oh, that's Lauren, she is awesome."

DAMN!! She is like, the sexiest person iv'e ever seen!"
by PruneyLumps October 02, 2010
laurens are usually cocky but dont think they are..on the outside laurens may seem very confident but behind the scenes shes very self conscious, when she really doesnt need to be..because this person is beautiful and needs to believe it...and is usually searching for love in every direction..and would seem that she wouldnt need to look for love that hard because guys throw themselves at her..but she still searches for the perfect guy when in fact..she needs to learn that love isnt about finding the perfect person but loving an imperfect person perfectly. laurens usually seems very innocent but really isnt...shes the definiton of the saying "looks can be deceiving" laurens are usually girls that many people love and is hard not to love but you must beware..a laurens a girl that will invade your thoughts and your dreams..she has very nice eyes you can look into all day..usually has a beautiful smile and any person would go through hell and back for her..a very nice body but overall shes a very sweet amazing and beautiful girl any man would be lucky to have her...and youd be lucky to even meet a wonderful girl like her.
Is she crying? yeah shes such a lauren
Did you hear about that new girl? Shes such a lauren!
by mikeym93 November 05, 2011
An amazing girl that is ridiculously brilliant and awesome.

She is funny, but sometimes not everyone gets her jokes haha, but it's okay we still love her :D She'll be amazing at everything she does and she'll save a billion people when she grows up!
Hey it's Lauren, you better say hi and wave!

Man I can't figure this stuff out!
Dude, just ask Lauren, she'll know.
by ancient56 March 30, 2011
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