The most lovely girls in existence are named lauren. only girls who have Sexy wavy hair, cute freckles, a sweet butt and give the best hugs are named this. This name is usually The inspiration for poetry and represent only awesome girls to have tea parties with. No1could make a person as happy as a girl named Lauren can. A girl named Lauren is usually 1 of the best friends you could possibly have. She deserves the absolute best and is completly wonderful and lovely.
Hello may I ask you what your name is?
Ya why not....
...what is it

oh it figures. Your totally beautiful
by Jass52 November 16, 2009
drop dead gorgeous.
look! a lauren!
by japoom September 27, 2009
The most beautiful girl in the world. Not only beautiful by appearance, but also beautiful on the inside. Someone who seeks Gods will and puts him above anything else. Amazing with kids, nurturing, encouraging, always able to make me laugh, and a great friend.
Lauren encouraged me by reminded me of one of my favorite verses.
by RHP Will February 05, 2010
Lauren Is a name of which it means perfection and totally awesome And can relate to terms of awesomeness and a total cow sometimes
"OMG That is So 'Lauren'"
"Hey you,you're so 'Lauren'"
"Can we go to the mall? Its so Lauren'
by Lauren Of cause xoxoxox March 22, 2008
a girl who can save you from your self and make you forget everything else. a flirt. amazing at everything and doesnt even nedd make up to be beautiful. PERFECT!
Who is that?

The perfect girl... Lauren.
by TheFro66 February 04, 2010
a beautiful girl who is a bit blonde sometimes
"who is that pretty girl?"
"its lauren"
by Bobbery Fred November 19, 2011
A beautiful, smart, amazing girl that once met, cannot escape your mind. Blonde with beautiful greenyblue eyes and has a vivid complex imagination. She is unbelievably sexy with a great body and perfect smile. This girl is very rare and unique but once found she will make you the luckiest guy on earth.
look at that beautiful blonde girl over there chasing butterflies, shes such a lauren.
by Andy Dragon August 31, 2008

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