champion, legend, the best, can't be beaten, the envy of all.
"wow that person is so lauren!" or "what a shot, that goal was so lauren"
by #1 champ July 13, 2006
The most beautiful girl in the world. Not only beautiful by appearance, but also beautiful on the inside. Someone who seeks Gods will and puts him above anything else. Amazing with kids, nurturing, encouraging, always able to make me laugh, and a great friend.
Lauren encouraged me by reminded me of one of my favorite verses.
by RHP Will February 05, 2010
a girl who can save you from your self and make you forget everything else. a flirt. amazing at everything and doesnt even nedd make up to be beautiful. PERFECT!
Who is that?

The perfect girl... Lauren.
by TheFro66 February 04, 2010
Lauren Is a name of which it means perfection and totally awesome And can relate to terms of awesomeness and a total cow sometimes
"OMG That is So 'Lauren'"
"Hey you,you're so 'Lauren'"
"Can we go to the mall? Its so Lauren'
by Lauren Of cause xoxoxox March 22, 2008
A girl with an indescribable personality. The best words to describe her are bubbly, colorful, and interesting. The girl you wish you knew better but are scared to talk to.

Gorgeous. She's got light brown hair, the prettiest, biggest blue eyes you'll ever see, and lips every guy wants to taste. Although she's petite, she's got a big heart and personality to make up for it.

Lauren lights up a room when she walks in. Everyone thinks she's got the perfect life, but in reality, she can't stand it. She compares herself to everyone but she really shouldn't, she's too unique. She wishes she were prettier and finds herself a horrible person. If only she could see what everyone else thinks of her.

She wishes she was someone else, anyone else, because she doesn't feel like people like her. Guys worship her but can't find the nerve to ask out, because she's so much better than them.

Laurens make good friends and better girlfriends, if you're ever lucky enough to date one, hold onto her. She won't be afraid to ditch you if you do something awful, so be careful.

Even in the middle of Iowa, Lauren can turn something bad (like a rainstorm) into an adventure. She's truly one-of-a-kind. I wish she knew how I felt.
Guy 1: That girl is gorgeous.
Guy 2: Watch out, that's Lauren, she's gonna be mine someday.
by iowanforlauren May 01, 2011
a beautiful girl who is a bit blonde sometimes
"who is that pretty girl?"
"its lauren"
by Bobbery Fred November 19, 2011
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