obviously a usual name for a girl.Laurens may be known for having the best fashion and clothes but they also find the best friends.The majority of Laurens are very smart and relaxed.They can sometimes be known for random acts done by them, but they are more than what they do.Very good friends, very entertaining.Usually very hot and/or sexy.
Tom: hey
Greg: hey
Tom: yo, did you see lauren today?
Greg: No, man, why?
Tom: she was looking sooo hot.
by arianna lee April 07, 2007
the girl i will marry
"i love you." - - -- ---
by ssssssssssss June 19, 2005
a very attractive girl who, though every body wants her, cannot get the guys she wants to date her
there goes lauren after ben again, its never going to work, does she realize that?
by kateelouu November 05, 2005
A girl that is unsure about herself, puts a brave smile on her face every single day to mask the pain and fool others. The girl that is told she is pretty and doesn't believe it. Has a very amazing ideology about life...
i will never forget her, lauren
by Heel-e-um May 12, 2011
The most wonderful girl alive who has helped me through the deepest and darkest times in my life. She has always been there for me even if it hurt her to see me in so much pain. She is the most WONDERFUL AMAZING BEAUTIFUL SWEETEST PERFECT girl ever made. All I can say is that God must have spent a little more time on her. My future bride. The keeper of my heart and always will be. She has always been there for anyone and everyone. She would drop everything to help any of her friends if they needed her. There is no one more perfect than a Lauren.

I LOVE YOU BABY!!!!!! <3 ------
"That girl who holds my heart is a Lauren <3. She is everything i could ever want."
"Lauren is caring"
"Did you see that girl? She is a total Lauren."
"Lauren is the best"
"Lauren is an angel"
"Lauren is beautiful"
"Lauren is amazing"
"Lauren is my baby"
"Lauren is the definition of perfection"
"Lauren is my better half"
"Lauren is the Keeper of my heart"
"Lauren is an angel sent by God"
by j@y$0n January 15, 2009
A lauren is an amazing girl, who isnt afraid to stand up for herself. She believes in what she wants and isnt afraid to stomp you down if she thinks your wrong. A lauren could def. be a lawyer considering she never lets an argument go without having the last word. Shes a great friend who's always their if you need someone to talk to and always stays true to herself and her friends. Her personailty makes her beauty shine & the crowd go wild. A lauren is one great girl you would love to know !
I neeed a lawyer...

your kidding me right?

no.. im serious

dude thats common sense hire lauren... thats a no brainer

by Raisin red April 25, 2009
champion, legend, the best, can't be beaten, the envy of all.
"wow that person is so lauren!" or "what a shot, that goal was so lauren"
by #1 champ July 13, 2006

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