First popularized by Betty Jean Perske, who used Lauren Bacall as her stage name.

Laurel - Crowned.

Generally smart, caring, loyal, intelligent, funny, and hardworking. A bit hardheaded at times.
Look at Lauren. She's just got everything going for her.
by Swim1686 November 20, 2006
The most beautiful girl to ever exist. Someone who could light up and entire room with their flawless smile and breathtaking eyes. A person who can be easily trusted and who never judge you no matter what the situation. The one person on this planet who can make you feel an instant happiness with just one word or look. A girl you can look up to an admire for all that she is and her amazing strength. Incomparable to any other person in this entire universe. Everyone should have a girl like Lauren in their life, she puts the stars in my sky.
Lauren, I love her so much. She's an absolute beauty.
by alexrnigga July 18, 2012
The most beautiful and perfect girl in the world. She helped me out of the darkest time of my life with her generosity and her caring nature.She made it easy for me to open up and to tell her everything and she helped me so much and I thought getting any help at all would have been impossible. She helped me out of the very hard time and enabled me to fall in love with her. So, I shall love her for the rest of my days with all that I have to offer.
You are so perfect you must be a Lauren
by I am The Manly September 06, 2008
A Lauren is a very strange being. The Lauren isn't exactly human. More like a god. A Lauren is usually into very disturbing horror movies, and laughs at the gore that makes weaker men vomit. She enjoys punk music and just being weird and funny. Laurens are usually very beautiful, however they don't think so at all. On the outside, she's stubborn, a little mean, some might even say bitchy. But inside, she's the nicest, most caring person ever, but only if you get to know her. I advise you not piss off a Lauren, 'cause she will fucking mutilate you. Laurens are guy magnets, even if they refuse to acknowledge it. A Lauren will make you smile right away, with her sarcastic comebacks and twisted sense of humor. Laurens are usually picky with guys so if one likes you, you're a lucky bastard. They make the best friends, they can be sweet (sometimes) and they're not afraid to stand up and be a raving bitch when called for. You'd be lucky to know one, I know I am:]
Josh: Dude I met this chick a few days ago...she's totally twisted and awesome and HOT...but I didn't get her name...

Liam: Her name's Lauren.

Josh: How do you know?

Liam: 'Cause that's how Laurens are, dude.
by Liam and Josh June 21, 2011
A beautiful intelligent girl who loves to laugh and have fun. A Lauren is a real sweetheart who has a very kind heart. A Lauren has the brightest smile and the most awesomest eyes that would melt anyone's heart. She is a natual beauty not only on the outside but on the inside as well. To love and know a Lauren is truly a blessing. If you are ever lucky enough to date a Lauren hang on to her as she is a one of a kind girl.
Wow, look at her, she is a true Lauren.
by gigglebeans February 07, 2010
An amazing girl, that just oozes class and has men dying at her feet without asking them.

She's modest but beautiful!
She's Crazy but fun!
She's a girl you can talk to for hours but never get bored of!
She's perfect but without knowing it...
Dude: That girl there, she's like so Lauren...
Kazon: Dude I know...
by Kazon September 09, 2010
A gorgeous girl who will blow your mind. She wears her heart on her sleeve, only because it is too big for her chest.
Ahhh, look at Lauren today... Any guy would be lucky to have a gal like that.
by raebear July 18, 2009
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