A name mostley used for a guy that looks a bit like a dog and seems to live in his dreams. he never pays attention and when you say something funny he repeats it thinks he made the joke himself.
Dude, I just made that joke, why are you acting like a Laurens?
by Sleor April 01, 2011
At first impression a very sweet and innocent girl but later turns out to have quite an attitude. A girl when angry curses and gives cold shoulders. When she doesn't get her way she just ditches and makes people feel guilty. But also very sweet at times and can be a great shoulder to cry on. She is also a great confidante who will keep secrets. Not the best older sister or mother figure but a good friend to have around.
She is giving the Lauren shoulder.

I can totally tell all my secrets to Lauren.
Lauren is the worst mother/older sister figure but a great friend.
by luvya<3_Y_ June 27, 2012
My girlfriend is a total lauren
by modafucka2120 September 07, 2012
Elisabeth: hey lauren, can we go shorts shopping now?

Lauren: *whispers angry things that they cant play on tv*
A girl who likes to have sex under a tarp.
Wow.. Did you hear about the great tarp sex Lauren had?
by houseofcats November 18, 2011
A slut with curly hair that is very tan and has different colored eyes. She enjoys sexual acts performed in front of a very large audience.

Is suspected of smoking weed several times a day.

She also has a penis.
Look at that lauren.
by anamy November 09, 2011
A snotty bitch that allways get what she wants. She will stoop to the lowest just to stay "cool" or get in to the "popular group". She is desprite and will go out with any guy that will give her the time of day. And is a terrable friend that will stab you in the back every chance she gets.
Person 1- "Hey look at that girl she must be a lauren"
Person 2- "How do u know?"
Person 1-"Because she has the devils horns growing out of her head"
by Annoyed321 January 24, 2012

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