Little stupid ass bitch idfwu
"L A U R E N Lauren is a hoe"
by Whoyallama May 17, 2015
A complete and utterly bitch she thinks she's the best but she isn't she's a complete slut and no one likes her she's sometimes pretty but has the most offal taste of fashion she chases after other people's boyfriend cuz she is to ugly to get one by herself
1."who's that bitch over there checking out my boyfriend must be a Lauren"
2."Who's that chick whereing skin tight shorts where her ass is hangin out must be a Lauren"
by Zaybriel's HOT AF cousin August 31, 2015
She flirts with other people's guys, she is a total back stabber, a follower, a band geek, tries to act like she's better than everyone, and on top of that when you need her she is not there for you... She is a REALLY BAD friend
Person: That Lauren is such a back stabber

Other person: Ikr I heard she flirts with other people's guys
by HoHoHo_SANTA November 25, 2015
Lauren is a beautiful and hilarious girl who is well-liked by her peers. Although she seems super confident and is always surrounded by guys, a Lauren tends not to have kissed a boy despite being aged 17-18. Most Lauren's are attracted to wealthy men like dentists, yet no amount of money will get them anywhere near the tongue.
A Lauren is usually a high school dropout causing her to be ignored. Despite this, most Laurens also tend to have well paid jobs which they absolutely love.
Although a good friend, a Lauren usually has a bad habit of spouting crap all the time. You can never truly believe a word that comes out her beautiful mouth.

Another skill usually possessed by a Lauren is her ability to friendzone guys. This is the cause of many a Lauren's sexual frustrations.
Example 1

Guy :"damn, Lauren is so hot!"
Girl : "yeah, but I heard she is a freak!!"
Guy:" I'm not going near her then"

Example 2

Guy 1 :"what's up?"
Guy 2 :"oh man I just got friendzoned by Lauren"
Guy 1:" that's ok dude, I heard she's never even kissed anyone"
by Leonardotolley654321 January 23, 2014
a kind friendly and bubly person normally a beliber always loyal to her friends also a very smart and mature can be very funny when she wants to be a great friend
that girl is so lauren!
by bethsbeat September 28, 2012
A girl who is a bit shy at first..but is damn right sexy with a hot body.. she does not text oftetn but if she does reply back!or get her number... she likes to talk very sexy and talk about giving you head and hooking up and having sex...she will fuck great beacause i have experianced a LAUREN.. she is amazing funny and outgoing...and GIVES GOOD HEAD....and she is funny as hell when you get to know her whats better than that?
by JETLIFE247 September 07, 2011
The most ugly girl in the world. Normally an extremely large slut, who dates boys who send dick pics. She has tiny boobs, and gives free hand jobs to boys named Joe.
Wow look at that fatass Lauren.
by My man March 29, 2015
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