Lauren is a jew
Anthony: dude lauren is such a jew
Jordan: a stupid jewish ass hoe.
Liam: sex
by Nastyzeke June 10, 2013
A girl who is obsessed with One Direction. Laurens are the biggest fangirls ever. They are sweet, but have a perverted side. Laurens are some of the greatest friends anyone can have.
Gianna: One Direction.
by blackveilpanda May 27, 2013
A really funny person. Sometimes will spread rumors about you and your other friends to become popular. Always thinks about herself first(in a bad way) and never wants to tell you anything thats stupid so you can feel left out. She will mke you laugh in the weirdest ways and has a pretty smile but dosent really show it that much. She will make you cry. Garenteed
Guy 1: Hey, did you see Laurren today?
Guy 2: Yes and she made me feel like shit.

Guy 1: Cuz i was wondering, is it really true that you slept with becky?

Guy 1: Oh, i bet you Lauren made that up>>>>>

Girl 1: OMG Wy r u crying?
Girl 2: That Bitch Lauren made up rumors that i slept with Mark.
Girl 1: WOW! Lets just not talk to her anymore
by Missymumu<3 December 08, 2012
great at blow jobs
damn that lauren was beastin my dick
by Thug Ass April 10, 2011
A gorgeous girl that does not think she is. She has many friends and is the life of the party, but when she isn't she becomes a bitch! Is loud and crazy. Is very active and usually a cheerleader. Has a big booty, and looks like she has big boobs, but there false advertising!
Girl:Who's that? She gorgeous.
Girl2:That's Lauren.
by Justinlovsoreo October 27, 2011
At first impression a very sweet and innocent girl but later turns out to have quite an attitude. A girl when angry curses and gives cold shoulders. When she doesn't get her way she just ditches and makes people feel guilty. But also very sweet at times and can be a great shoulder to cry on. She is also a great confidante who will keep secrets. Not the best older sister or mother figure but a good friend to have around.
She is giving the Lauren shoulder.

I can totally tell all my secrets to Lauren.
Lauren is the worst mother/older sister figure but a great friend.
by luvya<3_Y_ June 27, 2012
A name mostley used for a guy that looks a bit like a dog and seems to live in his dreams. he never pays attention and when you say something funny he repeats it thinks he made the joke himself.
Dude, I just made that joke, why are you acting like a Laurens?
by Sleor April 01, 2011

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