A constipated overrated overweighted loser.
What a Lauren
by doit4thevine July 01, 2014
she is fat and ugly. She has sex with 50 men a state and gives head for a dollar and a box of Twinkies. She lives in Boston and should move to the middle if nowhere . There are many laurens who are beautiful and normal but watch out for this fat little hoe she will take any guy who she sees.
by kayleeana July 24, 2014
Thot; usually used to describe a ratchet girl
"You see that ratchet girl?"
"She must be a Lauren."
by sjlsl July 03, 2014
A little hellhole with no stores. A literal ghosttown. SUCKS BALLS. Located in upstate New York
Morris, milford, edmonston, and cherry valley all suck balls like laurens
by amonaco23 April 03, 2011
a kind friendly and bubly person normally a beliber always loyal to her friends also a very smart and mature can be very funny when she wants to be a great friend
that girl is so lauren!
by bethsbeat September 28, 2012
A girl who is obsessed with One Direction. Laurens are the biggest fangirls ever. They are sweet, but have a perverted side. Laurens are some of the greatest friends anyone can have.
Gianna: One Direction.
by blackveilpanda May 27, 2013
A really funny person. Sometimes will spread rumors about you and your other friends to become popular. Always thinks about herself first(in a bad way) and never wants to tell you anything thats stupid so you can feel left out. She will mke you laugh in the weirdest ways and has a pretty smile but dosent really show it that much. She will make you cry. Garenteed
Guy 1: Hey, did you see Laurren today?
Guy 2: Yes and she made me feel like shit.

Guy 1: Cuz i was wondering, is it really true that you slept with becky?

Guy 1: Oh, i bet you Lauren made that up>>>>>

Girl 1: OMG Wy r u crying?
Girl 2: That Bitch Lauren made up rumors that i slept with Mark.
Girl 1: WOW! Lets just not talk to her anymore
by Missymumu<3 December 08, 2012

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