Ones with foreign last names tend to have psychotic tendencies. They make things up in their minds (i.e. - that they are your girlfriend or that every thing said is about them) and try to turn people against you.

These types of Laurens will talk shit to no end. They are fake as can possibly be and will do anything to get their imaginary boyfriends all to themselves.
That Lauren is CRAZY!
by Got 'em November 04, 2011
Slut of a best friend. Love you.
by <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> August 14, 2011
lauren is a very sweet girl..her only downside? she has a VERY stinky belly button.
"WOAH! That's a lauren button."

"That Lauren girl there has the nastiest belly button."
by tedgirl0212 November 16, 2011
Ugly, tall, lanky-legged bitch.

Never had a boyfriend yet for some reason thinks she's "cool" and better than you. She will attempt to humiliate you and fail badly because she's "cool" after many failed attempts she will try to be-friend you...

Pig nose and yellow teeth, pale as a snowman, bad acne, horrible hair that looks like it was cut off a dollar store china doll, rubbed in some dirt, and attached to her head. She also has REALLY REALLY bad taste in body piercings.
Person 1: Oh my gosh! Have you seen Lauren's new piercings?!

Person 2: Yeah! They look absolutely ridiculous!

Person 1: What was she thinking?!
by Ow..For November 22, 2011
No one likes her. Seriously, no one at all.

Person 1: Hey, is that Lauren over there?

Person 2: Who cares, it's not like anyone likes her.

Person 1: True. No one likes Lauren.
by Nathanananananana. October 30, 2011
a complete whore that hits on every single guy at school
she has stupid-ass eyes, and a jelly-belly
every girl hates her, and she has no girlfriends anymore
i wanted to punch lauren in the face once i heard that she told my boyfriend that she would fuck him if he didnt have a girlfriend

lauren is such a whore
by amwinkle June 16, 2011
a girl who is caring but very self centered
likes to talk about herself
not always very wise
Girl: Hey Lauren
Lauren: Hey listen to me talk about my life and my day
by 789define February 08, 2011

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