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a complete whore that hits on every single guy at school
she has stupid-ass eyes, and a jelly-belly
every girl hates her, and she has no girlfriends anymore
i wanted to punch lauren in the face once i heard that she told my boyfriend that she would fuck him if he didnt have a girlfriend

lauren is such a whore
by amwinkle June 16, 2011
a girl who is caring but very self centered
likes to talk about herself
not always very wise
Girl: Hey Lauren
Lauren: Hey listen to me talk about my life and my day
by 789define February 08, 2011
Lauren a girl who lies all the time and flirts with every single living sole on the planet. Does not care about her boyfriends, tries to get boys fall in love with her then just crush them. She doesnt know how to treat any person. Doesnt know what trust is. I loved you so much lauren. But now i hate ur guts.
Girl: I love you so much!
Boy: i love you way more babe!
*week later*

Girl- dating some other guy
Boy: dang dude shes a real lauren.
by coolcat0123456789 March 12, 2011
a lauren:
a thin eyed gem of a being. her eyes are long and she has widescreen vision, she's a true gift of life and joy. with little to no friends.
excuse me lauren, can you see me? maybe you should squint more.
by ilovelaurenz89 December 13, 2010
A creepy cat lover! she is super annoying and thinks everyone loves her! She is a huge jesus freak! Also, she is believed to be a lesbian and makes out with her best friend before school in the library bathroom!
Yeah, She is so damn annoying!
by PeachBellini98 May 09, 2011
A dirty slut; One who insists on doing plenty of drugs, especially meth; Lauren is constantly being replaced with people that are way better than her in every aspect. Lauren fails at school and tries too hard to be something she's not. Shes a manic depressive, and is schizophrenic, so basically she is mentally unstable, and going insane. People should drop any friend they have named Lauren, before she influences you to do meth, like the meth head she is.
Girl 1: I fucking hate Lauren shes an ugly WHORE.
Girl 2: Ew, I know, and shes a massive meth head.
Girl 1: She should just disappear, no one likes her any way.
girl 2: I know.
by sexxyblondebitch June 27, 2011
girl with very loose morals and often times gives it up before the first date. prefers it in the butt after alcohol and cigarettes. other than her whorish attitude she is pretty easy to get along with as long as she is sober....she also loves threesomes. side note- shes never sober
shes a total lauren. FUCK THAT
by 2 foot wonder November 19, 2010