A little hellhole with no stores. A literal ghosttown. SUCKS BALLS. Located in upstate New York
Morris, milford, edmonston, and cherry valley all suck balls like laurens
by amonaco23 April 03, 2011
a kind friendly and bubly person normally a beliber always loyal to her friends also a very smart and mature can be very funny when she wants to be a great friend
that girl is so lauren!
by bethsbeat September 28, 2012
Lauren is a jew
Anthony: dude lauren is such a jew
Jordan: a stupid jewish ass hoe.
Liam: sex
by Nastyzeke June 10, 2013
A girl who is obsessed with One Direction. Laurens are the biggest fangirls ever. They are sweet, but have a perverted side. Laurens are some of the greatest friends anyone can have.
Gianna: One Direction.
by blackveilpanda May 27, 2013
A really funny person. Sometimes will spread rumors about you and your other friends to become popular. Always thinks about herself first(in a bad way) and never wants to tell you anything thats stupid so you can feel left out. She will mke you laugh in the weirdest ways and has a pretty smile but dosent really show it that much. She will make you cry. Garenteed
Guy 1: Hey, did you see Laurren today?
Guy 2: Yes and she made me feel like shit.

Guy 1: Cuz i was wondering, is it really true that you slept with becky?

Guy 1: Oh, i bet you Lauren made that up>>>>>

Girl 1: OMG Wy r u crying?
Girl 2: That Bitch Lauren made up rumors that i slept with Mark.
Girl 1: WOW! Lets just not talk to her anymore
by Missymumu<3 December 08, 2012
great at blow jobs
damn that lauren was beastin my dick
by Thug Ass April 10, 2011
A gorgeous girl that does not think she is. She has many friends and is the life of the party, but when she isn't she becomes a bitch! Is loud and crazy. Is very active and usually a cheerleader. Has a big booty, and looks like she has big boobs, but there false advertising!
Girl:Who's that? She gorgeous.
Girl2:That's Lauren.
by Justinlovsoreo October 27, 2011

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