The act of absolutely smashing a couple cheeseburgers in about 3 seconds as if you were a starving Ethiopian.
Did you just see that swamp donkey Lauren those mcdoubles? If not you probably just blinked and missed it! What a hog!
by b-radley October 08, 2013
Always a hoe who is involve with a guy named Makai
Damn Lauren is such a bitch
by Dunfur September 04, 2016
blonde, hates people yawns a lot breaks her toe getting picklejars out of fridges, and is basically a white basic beach
I like rap, G eazy and hoodie allen,
you're such a lauren
by February D September 07, 2016
a person who knits, drinks tea and reads and is typically called a lauren
ha look at that person over there she is such a lauren
by pseudonym12343445 January 16, 2013
A boy who is known for neglecting his girlfriend, especially if he's from The Netherlands.
Girl: My current boyfriend is such a loser :(
Other girl: Yeah he's such a Laurens.
by joepvisser May 29, 2016
Cute, but evil and hateful. Confused about sexuality when heart is broken. Tries to ruin lives when she doesnt get her way.
#rude #evil #hateful #cute #confused Dont be like lauren
by Tayshadash May 13, 2016
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