A Beautiful girl with an amazing personality who likes Ian
"Hey look at Lauren she is lookin great today"
"yea but dont go for her, she likes Ian and no one else"
by Totally not ian April 22, 2013
A stunning girl who means the world to everyone. She doesn't mean any harm to anyone and cant help but to be nice.
everyone thinks she is a princess and treats her like a diamond. She is one of the best people you could ever have in your life so if you dont have a best friend called lauren, go get one.
OMG laurens coming act cool

hi guys

omg she is so sexyyyyyyyy
by sophie1234567890 September 23, 2015
A kind, loving, caring, smart girl and you can definitely trust her. Usually dark haired and blue eyed. Cares for friends and family and is usually around most boy friends but has one or two girl friends. Wants a guy that will care for her and not cheat on her!
Lauren is so great. I love Lauren!!
by Anonymoususer123 February 16, 2015
shes a pretty blond how likes to go bare footed. she has sky blue eyes she is smart and she is ready to learn .she makes straight A´s she is shy but funny as a clown. she loves making friends.wow shes so energetic she likes jumping up and down. she is so hot and sexy almost every boy wants her. wow look at her go thatś a lauren ;b
this scentence is explaining lauren a beautiful girl whom make you go crazy
by lzp loveyou January 21, 2016
A sexual position in which a chick is lying on her back while holding the back of her legs and pulling them as close to her neck area as possible...Looking as compact as possible.....LIKE A "FUCK BALL"
Husband: Oh my goodness, that couple is having sex like a LAUREN
Wife: No honey....That's the Fuck Ball...
Husband: It's the same thing honey....

BF: Hey babe, wanna do the Lauren ?
GF: Isn't that just the "Fuck Ball"?
BF: Fuck Ball Lauren, Same Diff!!!
GF: Okay, let's get it on!!!
by n54 February 13, 2011
Usually a sweet, kind and caring, beautiful girl that is very insecure of herself and doesn't realize how much other people care about her. She is beautiful on the inside and out, usually very skinny(but doesn't know that) and very funny.

I love you Lauren
Jeremy: who is that amazing girl?

Reid: that must be Lauren
by Chubby_Unicorns September 12, 2015
A beautiful girl with brown hair and eyes. Her eyes are hazel but can change different shades depending on the season. She is one bad ass girl and usually likes the bad boys. However, she can not find herself in the group of her friends. She tries a different group of friends but they were the wrong choice. She likes some kid named Bobby and he secretly likes her back. Bobby's are extremely lucky to have a Lauren. A Lauren is crazy, sexy, bad ass, and she Cates a lot about her dogs.
Bobby: I wish I could date Lauren....
*Lauren secretly likes Bobby*
by Blueelephant 24 October 29, 2015

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