At first glance, she looks like the life of the party--always happy, always bubbly, never a harsh word for anyone. That's a lie. Underneath that shiny mask is a girl who has gone through hell; mocked for her intelligence, her imperfections, her uniqueness. A girl who, once she knows you, will love you and care about you with her whole heart, but will never tell you. She's got this wall up around her heart, hidden by her smile, her armor to defend against heartache and misery. A Lauren is strong. Stronger than you would believe, because instead of choosing to let her true feelings show, she chooses to be the ray of sunshine in someone else's life. Because, she thinks, they probably have it worse than me. If you know a Lauren like this one, treat her well, don't play games with her, or lie, because later, after the day is done, she'll sit in her room alone. And cry.
Person 1: Did you see Lauren yesterday? It looked like there was something wrong with her.
Person 2: Nah, man, you're imagining things--Lauren's fine, look at her smile!
by TheQuietOnes June 24, 2015
A sexual position in which a chick is lying on her back while holding the back of her legs and pulling them as close to her neck area as possible...Looking as compact as possible.....LIKE A "FUCK BALL"
Husband: Oh my goodness, that couple is having sex like a LAUREN
Wife: No honey....That's the Fuck Ball...
Husband: It's the same thing honey....

BF: Hey babe, wanna do the Lauren ?
GF: Isn't that just the "Fuck Ball"?
BF: Fuck Ball Lauren, Same Diff!!!
GF: Okay, let's get it on!!!
by n54 February 13, 2011
The act of absolutely smashing a couple cheeseburgers in about 3 seconds as if you were a starving Ethiopian.
Did you just see that swamp donkey Lauren those mcdoubles? If not you probably just blinked and missed it! What a hog!
by b-radley October 08, 2013
A name for men with a dick so large, it intimidates men who have a dick that's smaller than 13 inches. Most women have a radar in their brains to seek out the Laurens at a party.
Watch your mouth, he's a Laurens!
by WashingtonRedskins November 20, 2014
A beautiful girl who has the best hair and clothes. She usually has a lot of friends, but often lies about stupid things.
Cameron: Do braces hurt?
Lauren: I don't know, I've never had braces


Cameron: What colour braces should I get?
Lauren: Clear
Cameron: No, clear stains.
Lauren: No they don't, I've had them.
Cameron: You said you've never had them
Lauren: I was just joking
by Yeliah May 01, 2014
Beautiful, magnanimous, extroverted redhead that bears slight resemblance to a turtle/pre-historic creature. Lauren is an excellent volleyball player and artist and is adored by all.

Lauren is the kind of girl who is constantly explaining things to people, because she is so smart and so kind to those less intelligent than she.

She has freakishly long nails, but they are always clean. She sometimes wears sweatpants to school, and other times she wears a dress; either way, she never looks out of place and always looks divine.
Person A: Gee whiz, is that Lauren?
Person B: Sure is! She is easily recognized by her talon-like fingernails and long red hair.
by EscapeThisPlanet November 05, 2012
A girl who likes to fart in her sleep. She is also the kimd of girl you want to be around when you have to take a dump. She is also extremely smelly
Ew she looks like a lauren
by Click man April 06, 2015

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