Lauren is the most beautiful smart person ever. She is funny kind and never judges others. she shows compassion. Lauren is the light of life shes amazing in every way. she is the dream girl and she is worst every breath of air so never waste your time with her shes basically happiness in a person.
"Aww dude Lauren is amazing i love talking to he."
by McFaggot November 08, 2014
Normally a girl who dates the wrong people... Which leades to depression this girl is beautiful on the outside and inside she is one tuff girl who will normally listen to punk rock to metal.
She often meets someone named justen Trevor or Rylie who becomes good friends then has to move away to a new state......we all miss you Lauren hope you reed this
The one who was too scared to ask
Hey Lauren

Wanna hang out
Sorry cant
by The_lonly_one June 20, 2014
The greatest person ever. She is caring, loving, and funny. She is sometimes mean if you get on her bad side. If you have a Lauren keep her close.
I love lauren
by Me May 08, 2014
A Lauren is a kind hearted person who has been broken so much they just get used to the fact they get let down all the time. A Lauren is a strong belieber and stays true to friends who make as much effort as a Lauren does. Short but able to do damage if provoked. Normally sarcastic and has a brilliant sense of humour and sparkling personality.
Your personality is amazing - You're a Lauren.

Got let down again - I feel like a Lauren.
by Haliyopoola March 06, 2014
An amazing and gorgeous blonde with blue eyes. Always willing to put out a helping hand. She loves nature but hides it because he doesn't want to look like a country girl. She is very self conscience about her body. Although it is amazing. She. Is. Beautiful. She always falls for the nice guys, not the guys who call her hot and have a nice body. She likes the ones who call her beautiful. She is very athletic. They don't get along with their mother because they are very independent and dont

like being controlled. They are free spirited and are planning on having a life like nobody else. If you know a Lauren. Cherish her like a rare flower. Because she won't ever leave you, and just might change your life. Her smile lights up everything. And her laugh makes everyone laugh along because its like no else.
Man: what is THAT girl doing with THAT guy? She must be a Lauren...
by Josh Polly September 08, 2013
A beautiful person with great personality, she lights up your day with only a couple words. She'll be the greatest person you'll ever meet and you know you can't deny that. She'll be There for you, and pick you back up. She's a living dream that you should be looking forward to be having.
Ily Lauren <3
by HerBae January 31, 2015
The best kind of human being there is, beautiful personality, matched with beautiful eyes and smile and everything else. They also have the cutest butt in the world.
Wow look at her butt, she must be lauren
by Overthinkingboy November 28, 2014
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