a tall, thin, big boobed, blonde that is the most gorgeous thing you'll ever see. she has the best sense of humor and will always make you laugh without trying. Laurens think they are the ugliest thing ever seen, but in reality, she is the most beautiful person inside and out. she is one in a million and will always be there for you. guys fall in love for her looks and then, as they get to know lauren, fall in love with her personality. to know a lauren is a gift from god. Dont ever let her slip away
Mitchell: dude, who is that?
Zac: oh her? thats lauren
mitchell: omfg shes gorgeous
by fhei2 August 18, 2012
A Lauren is a kind hearted person who has been broken so much they just get used to the fact they get let down all the time. A Lauren is a strong belieber and stays true to friends who make as much effort as a Lauren does. Short but able to do damage if provoked. Normally sarcastic and has a brilliant sense of humour and sparkling personality.
Your personality is amazing - You're a Lauren.

Got let down again - I feel like a Lauren.
by Haliyopoola March 06, 2014
An amazing girl who can make you laugh and smile . She will always have your back and everyone loves her. She thinks she sucks at singing(she is so not) and thinks her laugh is annoying but it's really cute. She is the sassiest thing in the world and is so funny that she will make you pee your pants. If you don't know a Lauren get looking because she will make your life so much better.
Girl 1: my life sucks do you think it will get better
Girl 2 : not unless you met a Lauren.S
by Bubblybecky December 09, 2013
beautiful amazing perfect wonderful girl and if you meet someone named Lauren go and get her and treat her well
"look at that girl over there, she looks like a lauren"
by William_James January 29, 2015
OH MY GOD! I swear you have never seen a more welcoming, sweet face in your life. Every time she walks in a room, it lights up just enough so everyone can see her gorgeous face. She looks great in just about anything, and never comprises her beauty for douche bags. She is really great friend who will always be there for fashion or relationship advice. But she never misses a chance to smile.
Where is that glow coming from?
Dude, it's that chick you like!
Ohhh, it's Lauren.
by OmgUrbanDefsMakeMePuke January 26, 2015
Awesome whovian,beautiful,charming,intelligent. Girl who obsesses over Benedict Cumberbatch,Harry Potter, and doctor who.
She is such a Lauren, so beautiful!
by Unicornzombie January 03, 2015
The most beautiful girl in the whole world, even though she doesn't know that she is. She means the most to a guy who doesn't deserve someone so perfect. The perfect girl and the one that is right for me.
Wow, Lauren looks so beautiful. She is my favorite halfrican.
by Lucky7's September 07, 2014

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