An amazing girl who can make you laugh and smile . She will always have your back and everyone loves her. She thinks she sucks at singing(she is so not) and thinks her laugh is annoying but it's really cute. She is the sassiest thing in the world and is so funny that she will make you pee your pants. If you don't know a Lauren get looking because she will make your life so much better.
Girl 1: my life sucks do you think it will get better
Girl 2 : not unless you met a Lauren.S
by Bubblybecky December 09, 2013
Lauren is a girl who is smart and beautiful. Only those who know her can see her best features. She is hard to understand but is fun to be around and always makes you laugh! Loves to wear pink and blue underwear
Boy: "Wow she is complicated!"

"Wow Lauren loves telling people what underwear she wears"
by CuteCore Cuppycake August 18, 2011
A Lauren is someone who is extremely beautiful inside and out. She always puts others before herself even if it causes her stress. When she's upset she doesn't want people to know because she feels powerless and she's a strong person. She is caring and compassionate but she doesn't take crap from anyone. She's not afraid to dance in the street but she can be calm and quiet when she wants to. When people talk to her they can't help but smile because she's a very positive person. When i see sunshine I think of a Lauren. She really is just a big ball of sunshine. She's not confident about herself and she's generally very self conscious. She's not quick to trust anyone but she's also not quick to judge. A Lauren is the kind of person you want to keep in your life forever because she really can brighten your darkest days. If you are blessed enough to have a Lauren in your life never let her go.
Person 1: Dude do you see that girl?
Person 2: Yeah she's a total Lauren.
by Happychiquita January 07, 2015
A Lauren is an amazing girl with beautiful blue eyes, outgoing, and fun to talk to. She's quite shy at first but once you get to know her she's the bomb diggity. Lauren is someone who is very caring and puts others before her. If you are ever encountered by a Lauren make sure she knows she's special. Lauren's are very rare now a days so coming in contact with one can be quite extraordinary.
Wow did you see that beautiful girl over there? She's such a Lauren!
by okiee June 24, 2014
Lauren is a Girl, who seeks invisibility but is known to many. She is told frequently how beautiful she is but will always refuse to believe it. She will smile no matter whether somethings getting her Down. Her friends and family will always come first but she is stubborn and isn't quick to forgive. Lauren feels she shouldn't be apart of this world but she is told otherwise. She will give and give and not expect anything in return. She finds it hard to trust. She is open to listening to problems of her friends and will hold the deepest and darkest secrets of her own and others but yet she won't tell a soul. She Looks to music for answer's. Get on the wrong side of Lauren and you'll regret it it. She isn't a girl to be taken lightly. She is a tough nut to crack. Be careful, looks can be deceiving. She may look like perfection but in reality she is a devil and revenge is brewing in her mind. Crazed and psychotic are many ways to describe a Lauren but she means well. She will never understand why she receives the love and like that she does because she doesn't feel she deserves it at all. Laurens always have a background story.
person 1: "whose that girl over there?"

Person 2: "That's Lauren..."
by No Control April 14, 2015
OH MY GOD! I swear you have never seen a more welcoming, sweet face in your life. Every time she walks in a room, it lights up just enough so everyone can see her gorgeous face. She looks great in just about anything, and never comprises her beauty for douche bags. She is really great friend who will always be there for fashion or relationship advice. But she never misses a chance to smile.
Where is that glow coming from?
Dude, it's that chick you like!
Ohhh, it's Lauren.
by OmgUrbanDefsMakeMePuke January 26, 2015
A most beautiful creature who's mere presence makes your world 100% better and makes you want to be around her more. Her beautiful smile and eyes are only surpassed by her thirst of knowledge and amazing brain. She makes anyone around her want to be a better person. Her love and touch is like nothing on this earth and maybe not in your heaven. My girl makes my heart complete!
Laurens touch is so electric that my heart jumps any time she touches me
by LoveMyGrillMasterBitch December 04, 2014
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