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A beautiful girl: a daredevil, usually muscular but tall in build, has beautiful eyes, loves literature, a philosopher and free-thinker, loves the old music, wears Converse, eats a lot but remains slender. Pretty, not hot. An amazing person that you should get to know.
Your friend: "Wow, she's beautiful!"
You: "That's my Lauren."
by rockychick May 15, 2013
Normally a girl who dates the wrong people... Which leades to depression this girl is beautiful on the outside and inside she is one tuff girl who will normally listen to punk rock to metal.
She often meets someone named justen Trevor or Rylie who becomes good friends then has to move away to a new state......we all miss you Lauren hope you reed this
The one who was too scared to ask
Hey Lauren

Wanna hang out
Sorry cant
by The_lonly_one June 20, 2014
A Lauren is a kind hearted person who has been broken so much they just get used to the fact they get let down all the time. A Lauren is a strong belieber and stays true to friends who make as much effort as a Lauren does. Short but able to do damage if provoked. Normally sarcastic and has a brilliant sense of humour and sparkling personality.
Your personality is amazing - You're a Lauren.

Got let down again - I feel like a Lauren.
by Haliyopoola March 06, 2014
A sexual position in which a chick is lying on her back while holding the back of her legs and pulling them as close to her neck area as possible...Looking as compact as possible.....LIKE A "FUCK BALL"
Husband: Oh my goodness, that couple is having sex like a LAUREN
Wife: No honey....That's the Fuck Ball...
Husband: It's the same thing honey....

BF: Hey babe, wanna do the Lauren ?
GF: Isn't that just the "Fuck Ball"?
BF: Fuck Ball Lauren, Same Diff!!!
GF: Okay, let's get it on!!!
by n54 February 13, 2011
she is fat and ugly. She has sex with 50 men a state and gives head for a dollar and a box of Twinkies. She lives in Boston and should move to the middle if nowhere . There are many laurens who are beautiful and normal but watch out for this fat little hoe she will take any guy who she sees.
by kayleeana July 24, 2014
A Lauren is an amazing girl with beautiful blue eyes, outgoing, and fun to talk to. She's quite shy at first but once you get to know her she's the bomb diggity. Lauren is someone who is very caring and puts others before her. If you are ever encountered by a Lauren make sure she knows she's special. Lauren's are very rare now a days so coming in contact with one can be quite extraordinary.
Wow did you see that beautiful girl over there? She's such a Lauren!
by okiee June 24, 2014
An amazing girl who can make you laugh and smile . She will always have your back and everyone loves her. She thinks she sucks at singing(she is so not) and thinks her laugh is annoying but it's really cute. She is the sassiest thing in the world and is so funny that she will make you pee your pants. If you don't know a Lauren get looking because she will make your life so much better.
Girl 1: my life sucks do you think it will get better
Girl 2 : not unless you met a Lauren.S
by Bubblybecky December 09, 2013