A beautiful sexy girl with with the most gorgeous eyes and usually has the loudest laugh of everyone. often quite dumb but funny as hell and likes to have a good time. A lauren has a lot of friends and will always make you smile. Laurens are amazing and beautiful on the inside as well as the outside and you'd be lucky to know one!
Julia: I wish I was like lauren

Kevin: Yea i'd bang her anyday
by sunshine29393 December 04, 2011
Lauren is a very beautiful girl. She has freckles,bleu eyes and has a great personality. She's the girl everyone else wants to be. All the guys drool over her and just wish they had her but, there is only one special guy that gets her. Lauren is someone you can talk to at the hardest times. So never hurt a Lauren.
Omg that girl is amazing.She's totaly Lauren.
by Irishgirl99 December 02, 2012
A girl who is all about opposites. She will try her hardest to do everything opposite of what she thinks you get all the time. If you cross her even once it will seem like she lets it slide, but its the reason she does the things she does. If you ask her to do something- she won't, because fuck you. She will purposely avoid kissing your ass like every other girl. She knows how you judge her, so she never lets you get to know her. She will say what she thinks is easy for you to hear, what plays into what you want to think of her. On the outside she appears to be strong and confident, some may even say conceited, but she questions everything about herself on a daily basis. She hates mirrors because she hates the sight of her own reflection. She hides away from the world because she knows if she were to let anyone in they would love her. It's hard for her to accept and show love because she doesn't know how to love herself. Stay away when she tells you.
Boy: Are you in love with me?

Lauren: No.

Inside Lauren's head: Yes
by fucklauren August 23, 2012
A Lauren is one of the most breathtaking girls you'll ever see. They have long hair, usually brown or dirty blonde, and beautiful green or blue eyes surrounded by high cheekbones and full lips. They're sometimes shy, but isn't afraid to reach out to strangers and form relationships and friendships. A Lauren's smile is the loveliest thing, and her laughter is contagious. Laurens are silly, and has a great sense of humor. They're usually very talented at a number of things, and are very creative. Laurens are easily trusted and can keep lifetime secrets. The Lauren I know fits this definition to a T. Easily the most beautiful girl inside and out, there's no one else on this Earth that can take her place in my life and others.
"Lauren is so gorgeous and talented at EVERYTHING!" Wailed one of the girls, as the others cried in agreement.
by just another one fallen for her November 15, 2014
Lauren is a pretty girl, who is amazing, she's never afraid to tell what she wants to and she may give you a hard time but after that she is a great girl, her personality I'd great, her curves are good to.
You:"Who is she".
Your friend:" her name is Lauren".
You:" I want to meet her so much"
by Jonny4 November 18, 2013
Lauren is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She is always willing to help you and has a peppy attitude towards life. She has been through a lot and always wants to know what you think of her, but shes a true friend. Usually short and blond this girl is a light in your life.
Person- Wow! Lauren is really a true friend!
by Shelly131 December 01, 2012
VERY athletic

Can be the most boyish girl you know.
But she cleans up nice. She's
Gorgoues and nice. Normally really funny and most Lauren's aren't the best at math.

Anyways it's always to have a friend named Lauren (:
by Frlllo February 01, 2014
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