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Lauren is a very beautiful girl. She has freckles,bleu eyes and has a great personality. She's the girl everyone else wants to be. All the guys drool over her and just wish they had her but, there is only one special guy that gets her. Lauren is someone you can talk to at the hardest times. So never hurt a Lauren.
Omg that girl is amazing.She's totaly Lauren.
by Irishgirl99 December 02, 2012
Lauren is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She is always willing to help you and has a peppy attitude towards life. She has been through a lot and always wants to know what you think of her, but shes a true friend. Usually short and blond this girl is a light in your life.
Person- Wow! Lauren is really a true friend!
by Shelly131 December 01, 2012
A strong, insightful woman who likes to be independent.
Intelligent, loves to laugh and has a beautiful smile.
Doesn't let people push her around.
Lover not a fighter but will fight for what she loves.
An all rounder with everything she does.
"I know a girl called Lauren, she is all of the above things."
by gumdropbutton June 28, 2013
An amazing and gorgeous blonde with blue eyes. Always willing to put out a helping hand. She loves nature but hides it because he doesn't want to look like a country girl. She is very self conscience about her body. Although it is amazing. She. Is. Beautiful. She always falls for the nice guys, not the guys who call her hot and have a nice body. She likes the ones who call her beautiful. She is very athletic. They don't get along with their mother because they are very independent and dont

like being controlled. They are free spirited and are planning on having a life like nobody else. If you know a Lauren. Cherish her like a rare flower. Because she won't ever leave you, and just might change your life. Her smile lights up everything. And her laugh makes everyone laugh along because its like no else.
Man: what is THAT girl doing with THAT guy? She must be a Lauren...
by Josh Polly September 08, 2013
A beautiful girl: a daredevil, usually muscular but tall in build, has beautiful eyes, loves literature, a philosopher and free-thinker, loves the old music, wears Converse, eats a lot but remains slender. Pretty, not hot. An amazing person that you should get to know.
Your friend: "Wow, she's beautiful!"
You: "That's my Lauren."
by rockychick May 15, 2013
a tall, thin, big boobed, blonde that is the most gorgeous thing you'll ever see. she has the best sense of humor and will always make you laugh without trying. Laurens think they are the ugliest thing ever seen, but in reality, she is the most beautiful person inside and out. she is one in a million and will always be there for you. guys fall in love for her looks and then, as they get to know lauren, fall in love with her personality. to know a lauren is a gift from god. Dont ever let her slip away
Mitchell: dude, who is that?
Zac: oh her? thats lauren
mitchell: omfg shes gorgeous
by fhei2 August 18, 2012
Lauren is a pretty girl, who is amazing, she's never afraid to tell what she wants to and she may give you a hard time but after that she is a great girl, her personality I'd great, her curves are good to.
You:"Who is she".
Your friend:" her name is Lauren".
You:" I want to meet her so much"
by Jonny4 November 18, 2013