A beautiful, smart, amazing girl that once met, cannot escape your mind. Blonde with beautiful greenyblue eyes and has a vivid complex imagination. She is unbelievably sexy with a great body and perfect smile. This girl is very rare and unique but once found she will make you the luckiest guy on earth.
look at that beautiful blonde girl over there chasing butterflies, shes such a lauren.
by Andy Dragon August 31, 2008
The most beautiful and amazing girl ever. She is the love of my life and I can't wait for her to be my wife!
Hey look!
Yeah, thats my Lauren!
My Lizzie forever
by Scottie<3Lizzie December 14, 2010
She is the PRETIEST girl i have ever known!!! the best in best friend:) she will always make you laugh with or without makeup on... Lauren can always be defined as the girl to be around, the girl that everyone wants to be. She is the "go to" girl the one with all the answers who loves the gossip. but the best thing about lauren is that they are always there for you even when you have no one else to go to. she will always be your other half:)
wow lauren is the best person in the whole wide world
by :)*************** January 27, 2011
If not the most beautiful then one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet, inside and out. She is crazy and not bothered about other peoples opinion. The funniest laugh you'll ever hear, and can't help but make you laugh. She's always happy, even if she's not she'll fake a smile. Everybody loves her, and if you have her as your best friend you are the luckiest person as she will say beautiful things to you, and shout your nickname in the middle of the street if she see's you. she wears the nicest clothes and has a amazing personality. she will be one of the most incredible friends you have. she's a lovely person and she'll never be replaced she's one of a kind. she will put a smile on your face. she will sing and dance where ever and will do anything to have a good time. she is the most amazing friend you'll come across.
by Jazzzo October 05, 2011
A girl who is super awesome and talented. She is very musical and plays guitar and sings. She is very skinny and all her friends envy that about her. But the truth is, shes a lazy couch potato who eats nothing but junk food.
She is also a very loving girl who want the guy of her dreams to ask her out but hes to oblivious to notice.
Guy 1: Dude! look at her! shes so pretty!
Guy 2: and she can play guitar!
Guy 3: Shes such a Lauren
by ilovebeingawesome April 29, 2011
an awesome friend who you make fun of sometimes because she has poofy poodle hair but knows you're joking even though she acts offended. she is sooo pretty and nice to everyone she meets. she plays soccer and her favorite word is "amazing". lauren will always make you laugh especially when she falls or hurts herself. you will love when you meet a lauren (:
Boy 1: who's that??
Boy 2: that's my girlfriend Lauren!
Boy 1: no way!
by mamouse101 August 15, 2010
a beautiful awesome girl! she has the best personality ever and can make anyone smile by just lookin at them. Lauren has the most incredible smile ever and she also has an inner beast XD she also likes to hit me but thats okay cuz i like it rough lmao.... any guy to hav dis girl in there life is the luckiest guy ever :D She also loves to wear lip gloss thattaste amazing ;) lol ..Lauren is the sexiest most gorgeous girl in the world and im lucky to have her!
I Love you Lauren......Happy 4 month :D hope there r many more to come
by austin222 August 15, 2010
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