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1. A catastrophic failure condition that exists when one needs to SCRAM or STOP the washer machine after the water spills out onto the floor from a lose drainage hose or other operational malfunction that causes its H2O content to breach the machine's containment vessel and thus spilling out onto the floor. An secondary condition known as China Syndrome can also become evident if the said washer machine is located on an upper floor of your house.
2. A rare condition of when a dryer can get into such a state when one eventually notices burn holes in their clothing upon removing them.
That idiot up on the 3rd floor must have had laundry meltdown last night because my bathroom and closet area looked like f*ing Niagra Falls, and the neighbor form down stairs who speaks Chinese came banging on my door screaming and yelling obscenities at me in two different languages! It was an absolute China Syndrome.
by Mr. Fuku Shima April 11, 2011
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