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a place to transfer illegally obtained money so that it cannot be traced. goes in dirty, comes out clean.
Drug money goes to the laundry mat.
by faxy April 05, 2006
The way that stupid people spell laundromat.
I broke down in the middle of the laundry mat crying.
by bellN February 20, 2014
A place where poor people go to clean their clothes, then they reuse them.
From Will & Grace: Season 5, Episode 21, Dolls and Dolls

KAREN: What is this place? It's pretty.


KAREN: Where are the fish?

JACK: No, Karen. It is a "laundry-mat." People come here to clean their clothes. Then, they reuse them.

KAREN: Why, poor people are just plain clever. I wonder why they can't figure out a way to make more money.

by Michael Michael Michael April 19, 2008
A lucrative business in a questionable neighborhood that feeds on people who are too stupid to invest in their own washer and dryer. Their multiple litters of little fucking rats run around like maniacs in the parking lot. They will pull up in brand new Escalades and H2s in reverse. Surprisingly, they have enough momentary forethought to reverse so that its easier to drag in their cum-stained clothes into the waiting area. The higher-ranking regulars bring their own change and laundry detergent.
Working next to a laundrymat less than 50 miles from the Mexican border is so fun. I see some of the most enjoyable and intelligent people on the planet. They're proof that there is a glimmering hope for humanity.
by G. DeMeritt December 29, 2004
it means to get rid of your cheating mancheat
i'm headed to the laudrymat
by the crew April 25, 2003
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