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A riot of laughter; something hilarious. Is also frequently used sarcastically.

Not to be confused with any form of actual rioting
Ben: I love Family Guy, that show's a total laughriot

Tony: Yeah, at thanksgiving this year mom made aunt Cathy cry.
Marie: Oh no, that must have been horrible.
Tony: No, it was a freaking laughriot.
by Maria ate my cookie ): November 26, 2008
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To laugh loudly with a group of fucking idiots.
we had a laugh riot while watching that new movie.
by ronald paulson July 21, 2006
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Someone who makes silly, stupid jokes
-Do they know how the murderer looks like?
-Don't worry. No one saw you.
-How funny. You're a real laugh riot.
by Victor Halebski June 15, 2006
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When a bunch of Fucking Idiots sit around laughing and someone of far higher rank does all of their work because he is the only one who does any work, even though there are others who play Mah-Jong all day.
I try to accomplish my job,however, I am forced to do the job of subordinates becaus they are having a fucking laugh riot.
by Joe S. Ragman April 10, 2007
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