Latu an unusal girl

which is always up for a laugh

enjoys giving gobbies daily!!!
has obsessions with using quotes from movies in everyday life. "I know that fagel!, I KNOW THAT."
Is easly influenced by rebelious people but usal is quite good!!
doesnt care what others think

whos that fagel?
thats latu!!
she gives a good fuck
by fagel horny devil June 15, 2009
Top Definition
Laughing at you.
both letters of "at" are included to make it more of a pronouncable such as "lawl" to "lol"
"I just pooped my pants..."
"I'm latu soO0OoO0Oo hard rite now! LATU! LATU!"
by Rob Goblin August 17, 2006
someone with an enormousley large chin.
it may resemble an ornamental pharos bear but however, this abnormally long beard is actually the persons chin.
person 1: "you just hit me in the face with your chin."
latu: "sorry bro."
person 1: "::cough:: latu"
by pharo chin November 12, 2006
To Latu someone is to kinghit them in the face, usually a girl.
yous a player
shutup bitch dont make me latu you
by Piero June 21, 2006

see also: Achaea

*points at a goat*
by dinkybarrel April 27, 2005
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