People originally from all over Latin America. Latin America comprehends all the countries where they speak spanish and it includes Brazil, who are also considered as latinos.
But when you just talk about Latin America, it would reffer
to Central or South of the American continent.
* Latinos are hot blooded.
* There's a few latinos in my class.
by Latincutie March 28, 2007
Contraction of latinoamericano, the Spanish word for Latin American. The feminine form is latina. Anyone from a country in Latin America (Mexico, most of Central and South America, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic) or with heritage and ancestry from Latin America is a Latino/Latina.
Jennifer Lopez is of a Puerto Rican background; she is a Latina.

Christina Milian is of Cuban background; she is a Latina.

Cesar Chavez is of Mexican background; he is a Latino.
by Arrriba May 25, 2012
1- Literal- mediterrainian, refering to anything in or from the mediterainian area

2- person with mainly European ancestry (esp. Spanish) and some traces of Native American
el mar latino (the mediterainian sea)
You want some latino heat?
Nobody gets on my bad side 'cause everyone loves latino
by farged November 21, 2007
The word itself was used by Puerto Ricans to describe themselves, their Music and culture in NYC in the early 50's. The word is now used to describe the Carribean Spanish people from Puerto Rico, Cuba and Dominican Republic. Which share a similar Culture and Mix of Spanish, African heritage. Mexicans, Central and South Americans are not Latinos. They consider themselves Hispanics and were often offended when referred to as Latinos until it became hip to be considered a Latino. The differentiator seams to be that the Carribean Spanish people (Latinos) are a mixture of Spanish and African Heritage.
Mexican, Central and South Americans (Hispanics) are usually a mixture of Spanish and Indians.
Latin Jazz is a Mixture of Latino influenced Jazz. Brazil is closer to a Latino group and culture due to their Portuguese (Latin) and African Culture closely resembling the Carribean Latinos.
He's Latino, Latino Music, Latino food. I'm a Latino. LatinJazz.
by fecamacho June 06, 2007
Word used by any person of Latin-American/ Spanish descent mainly, regardless of their race, to identify themselves as a member of the Latino community.

Anyone from a spanish-speaking country (i.e. Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Bolivia, Spain, etc) or who embraces their cultural heritage of one of said countries is a latino. It doesn't matter if they're mestizo, black, white or indian, or if their national culture has more or less elements of either ethnic group. True latinos respect eachother no matter their origins; in fact, in the latino community, to state that you're a latino ( not only that you don't reject your heritage but that you are proud of it), makes you respectable and worthy of being treated like a brother.

Being a latino is not about the differences, is about the similarities we share due to historical events and evolution and cultural interexchange throughout the years. Our idiosyncrasy is a fact, and we take pride in it. However certain stupid gringos fail to grasp this, and think that a) it's a term wrongly coined by the US administration to label groups of people with little in common and often with a sense of enmity among them, b) that the word ''latino'' exclusively refers to someone of Italian/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ French/ Romanian descent and is ignorantly being used by people of different races, or c) that being a latino means to ride dirty and dance salsa. Obviously, people who don't understand that this term acquired a whole new meaning ages ago and that it's used to show a feeling of unity, belonging and connection among us.
¡Para mis latinos del carajo... unidos siempre!
by Smurf Smotherer March 02, 2007
See example first
Latinos are:
People from Latin America (not Spain).
except for people from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay, when they are emigrants (as the ones who live in the States or in any other country) they behave badly, they steal, they kill, don't melt with the nation that's taking them in, throw killing glares at people who are not like them and so on. Not the best ones to be your daughter's husband.
They are illiterate.
They are rather lazy and are always drunk whatever their age is.
They are dirty, live in dirty places, wear dirty clothes, stink.
A population with no values, so they could sell their children for money, and kill you because someone has paid them to do it and they don't even know you, no values.

Girls, instead, are far better and educated than men
- this is true -

My grandma,who was 97,was hit many times and then killed by a group of Latinos just to steal her purse in which, as everyone would expect, there were only $3. When they noticed they dragged her along and placed her in the middle of the road as a punishment they said.
by Kyle Porte October 23, 2006
Latino is a broadly misused term, that actually just means " spoken Spanish since birth", not just a person of Hispanic origins. A Mexican man can be Hispanic, but not Latino. Likewise, a person from the United States can be Latino, but not Hispanic.Many Chicanos are not Latinos.
Willy is Colombian, but he's not Latino
by cnbtqmES January 17, 2010
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