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1) Well, it depends on who you talk to. Ignorant people just say people from Latin America are latino. But if you talk to people from Europe and Latin America, you learn that it's people of LATIN decent. AKA t3h Romanz, lolololol.

Yes, people of LATIN decent. For example, in Europe, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and believe it or not, Romania. Of course you have like parts of Switzerland and like Southern Germany. And basically Latin America, since they were all raped by Spaniards and/or Portuguese settlers, so they're Latinos too.

Not to be confused with HISPANIC, which is of just Spanish/Portuguese decent. Because we know they're the same because they're in the same peninsula.

Either way, people have different definitions of what a "Latino" person is. In short, it's a person of Latin decent.

ANother debate is whether if Quebec becomes its own country if it would be included as part of Latin America. Seeing how it's of Latin decent, and it's in North America, I personally don't see why not. And don't say that it's entirely different from other Latin American countries, because all Latin American countries are different. Compare Argentina to Brazil. Completely different cultures.

2) Someone very passionate during sex. AKA Italians and French men.
1) Guy 1: I'm Italian, does that make me Latino and can I get scolarship money plz?
Guy 2: Dude whatever, we're all humans.

2) I slept with a Latino last night.
by Keke June 16, 2005
Any one who is, or whos ancestors are from a country with a latin based language. For example- Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, French, Galician, Occitan, Aromanian, Aragonese and Catalan.
Alejandro- So, where are you from?
Alexandru- Romania.
Alejandro- Cool! Latino pride!
Alexandru- Yipeee!
by Marquitos November 16, 2006
Latino's/latina's are a race by languadge but are from different countrys e.g. italy,france,portugal,spain & south americans etc. just because someone is black doesnt mean they arnt latin. All you north americans have it wrong. I am italian australian i speak italian that makes me latino.They all tha romance languadges.
Latino Pride Paesani!
by lil paesan June 09, 2007
new world latin america pan idenity or Latino for short, is an individual whose culture or blood is derived from the romance world, in other words of south european/iberian orgin. all latino counries share similar past, culture, iberian heritage, history, Independence, & influences..which are found to make these new world nations to be like brothers

latinos are a complex set of peoples of diverse origins, whose main origins are Europeans, Amerindians, Africans, and others in that order. However, the largest majorities are not "pure" peoples but mixed, in which the mestizo (Euro-native american mix) is the numerous majority in the Hispanic American world, while criollos (pure euro Iberians) are the 2nd largest population after, tri-racials and mullatos are quite numerous in the Caribbean, and the South Americans northern coasts too. However, in matter of identity, Latin Americans are nationalistic, and identify themselves more with the country they live than with abstract races and people from overseas.

for most Latin Americans and Latinos the concept of mestizaje (mixed)— the blending of two or more cultures to produce a third — is so fundamental a part of identity as to be "like breathing."

extra: info

Latino counties:

north america: Mexico

central america: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras,

south america: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

caribbean: puerto rico, cuba, dominican republic
naomi: hi im the Argentinean exchange student..do u care to dance for this one party

adam: aren't u suppose to be dress sexy or and dance to samba, tango, or cumbia..like the rest of latinos

naomi: excuse me?
by spongeghjgj September 23, 2012
Diverse people who know how to make killer music, amazing food, and dance like nobody's business. Extremely attractive. Punish using una chancla. Racially united under nationalism and customs, no matter what those who try to classify us eugenically have to say.
Carlos: I am black and from Puerto Rico-Soy Latino.
Maria: I am white and from Argentina-Soy Latina.
Pedro: I am indian and from Guatemala-Soy Latino.
by CUBALIBRE July 24, 2008
People originally from all over Latin America. Latin America comprehends all the countries where they speak spanish and it includes Brazil, who are also considered as latinos.
But when you just talk about Latin America, it would reffer
to Central or South of the American continent.
* Latinos are hot blooded.
* There's a few latinos in my class.
by Latincutie March 28, 2007
Contraction of latinoamericano, the Spanish word for Latin American. The feminine form is latina. Anyone from a country in Latin America (Mexico, most of Central and South America, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic) or with heritage and ancestry from Latin America is a Latino/Latina.
Jennifer Lopez is of a Puerto Rican background; she is a Latina.

Christina Milian is of Cuban background; she is a Latina.

Cesar Chavez is of Mexican background; he is a Latino.
by Arrriba May 25, 2012