For well-educated people who are native speakers of a Latin language (French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, and others not so well-known), a Latino/Latina is anyone, regardless of race or nationality, whose language and culture is mainly from the Latin world. The Latin world is composed of the Latin-European countries and the places around the globe that they colonized and left a real strong mark.
The Latin European lands became Latin when The Roman Empire took over them for centuries giving them its culture. These new Latin lands did the same to the lands they conquered in America, Africa and Asia.

In the U.S.A. (where global education is basic) the word took a wrong turn meaning only one of these three things: 1)the people from Latin-America; 2) All Spanish-Speaking people; and 3)Pure or mixed Native-American people who speak Spanish even when their customs may still be very indigenous. Sadly, ignorance has allowed many people (even people from Latin America) to believe the U.S.form.
In Spanish, Italian and Portuguese there is no difference between Latino and Latin one is in English and he other one is in such language, and Latin means "designating of the languages derived from Latin, and the peoples who speak them and their countries". Therefore we then have Latins/Latinos in Europe,in all of the Americas including French Canada, several African countries, and a few places in Asia.
by Alfonso 1 May 02, 2008
A hot girl usually found in porn taking it up the ass
Id fuck any latino woman
by Nathan383100 March 19, 2008
Means "latin".
Latino is originated from the people of Italy (Romans used to speak latin, remember?). So any language that originated from Latin (Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese) the people that spoke these are the real latins.
That means that Latinos are europeans that speak Italian, French, portuguese or Spanish. So when the continent of "America" was conquered by spaniards, they all called their indigeneous slaves "latinos"
Mexican1: I´m a proud latino!

Mexican2: Yeah! I love being a slave too!
by Tehnox June 04, 2006
A group of latino or many latino together.
Ricky Martin and Shakira are latinos
by Newark May 01, 2006
Either someone who is from central america or someone with light brown, tan skin who can lose a few pounds.
Dude1:"Damn dude latio sucks at snowboarding"
Dude2:"Probabley cus he is form the islands"
An excuse for people born of the south america geographical significant to continue acting like stupid assholes.

A nicer way to say Hispanic.

A puerto rican dude yells out: I'm Latino..................................................................................................! Then some Mexicans come into the room, and they talk shit. Then somebody of the two groups gets shot, because of their subdivided, subdivided ethic pride. This happens every saturday in at least one night club somewhere.

Latino is also the claim of some of the nicest, roundest asses for the best fucking. Latino pride from woman often causes them to turn around, and shake their ass. I'm dieing to fuck a variety of latino girls in the ass.

People of puerto rico, dominican republic, banana republics, mexico I'm sure the list can go one, but I'm not in the mood to write a list of 3rd world shitty countries that only interest me for a weekend of fucking woman, and smoking weed.

Rangeton, is a form of Hispanic music that uses manipulation of latinos pride, the general likes for bass, and woman's desire to be popular for cheap slutty tricks to gain an audience by featuring this fat dude going: this is for my people! Then in a music video they show girls shaking their ass to a piece of shit beat.
by George Carlin Dead November 28, 2009
a hot, sexy, most of the time very passionate brown race that can really "move it." they are probably the only race that can make a white girl scream "AY PAPI!" for the first time in her life. they also make the bombest food you will ever eat.
"Oh my god. I'm still burning from that latino heat."
by MissCadaver July 10, 2008
latino is the ethnicity of the people of south america, the reason we are called latinos is not because of our skin color but because of the different mixtures of races we have desended from. for example would you call a chinese man white becausehes pale no hes still oriental because of his desendes and his appearance.

latino for life!
for example would you call a chinese man white because hes pale? no hes still oriental because of his desendes and his appearance. not skin color its not a color thing its a ethnicity thing.

latino or life
by Jorge ospina November 03, 2006
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