Women of spanish decent. Usually the first to get pregnant. Extremely vane and feels they are an upgrade to black women (obviously not true, Id prefer a black girl anyday over a PR--sorry folks) Their only known for their sex appeal-nothing else. There's nothing special about them and theyre not crowned the sexiest females in my book. When they got OLD, they get OLD, and they tend to try to keep a hard grasp on their long gone youth. The minute they pop out a baby, theyre bodies just let go. And trust me, it aint cute. Some are beautiful, just like any race, and others...well just not so much. In short (too late) Latina is just an overated spanish female. They get knocked up, they think their better than black women, and they have nothing to offer but a sloppy pssy.
Psht, look around you youll ssee the latinas
by Sorry Its Just Facts July 10, 2010
A particularly good looking woman originating from Latin America. Most Latinas have tan skin, dark hair and dark eyes. However, they come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Possibly the hottest creatures on Earth.

Contrary to popular belief, this does not include people of the female gender from Spain, Portugal or Italy seeing as Latin means 'of Latin America."
Colombia has the hottest Latinas.

Every man on Earth wishes he had a Latina by his side.
by Juligannz March 08, 2006
a ethnicity of annoying, slutty, conceited females who think they are hot stuff, who pop out babies before their 18th birthday and look broke down by the age of 25.
1m HaAwWt cUz aM lAtInA!
by Chelsea Brown December 31, 2007
Latin women are very moody, jealous, fierce women that probably need a strong man to handlle them.

I've tried picking up on Latina's but they give me the "I don't go for white boys line" most of the time, the younger ones seem to be attracted to black and latin men some of the older ones go for white men, makes ya wonder if it's for the money...
who you tryin' to get crazy with ese? don't you know I"m loco....
by jim April 23, 2005
A girl who is usually tan skinned. Long hair. Couple KIds. Cooks Cleans, CLUBBING, one of the three with the baby on her hip. and 10 inch heels. Look at your man. Enjoy Anal. Long to be White. dye hair BLOND ect.
janeth: i love being latina im so sexy
jose: well stop fucking all my home boys and maybe i would marry you.
by erica18 May 07, 2009
I disagree with Dr.Murph... if Latin women were the hottest then there wouldn't be so many Latin men who hit on White girls & Asian girls, now would there?
Dr.Murph is a good example of a sick fetish having freak, who needs to realize there are beautiful women in every race... or maybe it's that other races don't give him the time of day.
by willis April 13, 2005
Skanks that love anal sex. Very rude and annoying.
That latina wouldnt shut up til i put it in her ass
by John February 02, 2005

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