Women of spanish decent. Usually the first to get pregnant. Extremely vane and feels they are an upgrade to black women (obviously not true, Id prefer a black girl anyday over a PR--sorry folks) Their only known for their sex appeal-nothing else. There's nothing special about them and theyre not crowned the sexiest females in my book. When they got OLD, they get OLD, and they tend to try to keep a hard grasp on their long gone youth. The minute they pop out a baby, theyre bodies just let go. And trust me, it aint cute. Some are beautiful, just like any race, and others...well just not so much. In short (too late) Latina is just an overated spanish female. They get knocked up, they think their better than black women, and they have nothing to offer but a sloppy pssy.
Psht, look around you youll ssee the latinas
by Sorry Its Just Facts July 10, 2010
A female from Latin America.

I'm latina, from the Dominican Republic, and I will break the stereotypical latina in a few seconds.

I have no curves, I'm light, light skinned, no gluteus maximus, small breasts, very thin and short, and yes, I know how to spell grammar correctly.

Sorry guys, but please take your unwanted stereotypes somewhere else. Just like there are white girls that can dance, there are latina girls with no ass. Yup, yup. We're not all "easy", we all won't have kids by the time we reach the age of 16, and we all don't wear huge, gold tacky earrings/hoops.
Soy Latina, y tengo mucho orgullo.
by Santana June 21, 2006
Wow there's so much hate for latinas. I think the guy that wrote that latinas are the first to get pregnant and all of that. Well, havent you seen sixteen and pregnant on mtv? most of those girls are white. And that doesnt mean all white girls are like that either. I'm a latina and i'm a virgin. Lol. I have many friends my age 16 - 17 who are still virgins as well.

And about the body after pregnancy, if a latina has an ugly body after pregnancy, then there's the same percent of probability of a white or black woman looking bad after pregnancy. What makes us different is that we don't really mind that much about wearing make up or buying lots of clothes, we can go out without make up because we actually don't need it.

And yeah i have to admit many latinas think black women are less beautiful than us, but thats just an opinion. I feel really offended by all these things ive had to read. And arent we smart? Lol ive always lived in South America, im 16 years old and i speak english, a bit of french and german. Im graduating from high school in a month and a half and trust me i know many latinas my age who are a lot smarter than me.
And we are the most varied race, i'd say. I have a cousin who was born with blue eyes and blonde hair, and she's totally latina. I have hazel eyes and fair skin, and im latina. My mom is blonde and has green eyes, his brother has black hair but his skin tone is kinda red and has electric blue eyes. But of course we're not as white as caucasians, and we dont want to be. whats cool about being a blonde latina is that your skin is naturally tanned and our blonde hair is not like beach blonde, but more like a golden natural blonde mixed with light brown tones. Because we are a mix. You can't generalize.

I do have curves, and maybe most of us are like that, but its not like we care about it. Some girls use those "atributes" to get men, but its just like some white girls use their atributes as well, if they have some. And actually, ive seen north american and brit girls dress really trashy and showing a lot. We latinas dont dress like that, it just LOOKS like we do because no matter what we put on, we CANT hide what we have. So i hope now its clear that we're not all the same.
by GARFIELDLOVER October 04, 2010
most beautiful girls in the world...they have the nices asses,dark eyes{certian latinas have light brown eyes which is considered really sexy},sexy full lips,nice curves,passionate lovers, love to please the one they love
I'm white and I have a latina girlfriend. She has the nicest ass and is really passionate.Every guy should date a latina.
by ilovelatinas September 16, 2007
a Latina is on average very hot, passionate Lady from any spanish speaking country. They are the most beautiful things god has put on this earth with nice butts, firm tits, huge hips, shiny black hair, and amazing dark brown skin. Not only are they the most beautiful things on the planet they are very passionate and wonderful lovers who know all to well how to treat a man. They have developed the wonderful habit of not being shy about their bodies and wearing very little clothing. ^_^ They enjoy anal sex and and seem to be willing to try that and anything else in bed
Damn, that latina got a nice booty.
by The Pimp Juice September 08, 2006
a ethnicity of annoying, slutty, conceited females who think they are hot stuff, who pop out babies before their 18th birthday and look broke down by the age of 25.
1m HaAwWt cUz aM lAtInA!
by Chelsea Brown December 31, 2007
Skanks that love anal sex. Very rude and annoying.
That latina wouldnt shut up til i put it in her ass
by John February 02, 2005
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