Sexy-ass women with gorgeous looks and big asses. However, be weary of these females as they have been known to be expert thieves and are capable of robbing your money at any time.
Latinas are hot
by neineinein329 July 26, 2012
The finest ass ho's to ever walk the face of the earth. Unmatched by bitches of any other race.
I want to violate every orifice of that Latina's body cuz she's so DAMN hot.
by Dr. Muph December 18, 2003
A lady with Hispanic roots. They can look either fine, good, cute, beautiful or sexy. They have a chance to become the most beautiful human creatures on this planet.
He began to get himself ready, and as he sat in his chair, the latina came out in her sexy lingerie. He was ready to have the best night of his life.
by morpho breaker March 20, 2004
Contrary to popular belief, not all latinas:
a) Can't spell.
b) Dress like whores.
c) Fail at school, and life in general.

It's a shame that all of the whores in the U.S.A are making all of the other latinas look bad. Granted, almost all of us are very beautiful, but there are also ugly latinas, just as there ugly whites, blacks, asians, etc. Not all latinas have an awesome body, and not all of them can dance very well. I don't refer to myself as latina, simply because of the gross stereotype that goes along with it.
Soy latina, y orgullosa, pero tambien soy intelligente y no me porto como una puta.

Moron: That latina, I wonder if she'd give me a bj. Nvm, her many boyfriends would get pissed. She must be a failure in life, existing only to serve men sexually.
Me: No, I actually get straight A's, have not starred in a porno, and have not taken pictures of myself half naked. Now excuse me while I rip your throat out.
by hatingMiami December 22, 2007
usually stereotyped as hoes. people, they r latina whores n white whores.

many latinas r tanned skinned, hav dark eyes n hair, but others r fair skinned n hav light eyes/hair. i am from south america n hav fair skin, hazelish eyes n brown hair. we do like to party (from wat i hav seen).

latinas do hav nicely shaped curves but not all of them r like that. they know how to look hot without showing TOO much (but they r stereotyped for that). they hav a different kind of beauty, not like the traditional one (pretty skin, beautiful eyes n perfect hair).
we can be ur best friend or ur worst enemy..hehe. latinas r usually strong. they play tough games like field hockey which makes their legs sexy (haha). we speak spanish in many differents accents depending on where u come from (colombia, chile, argentina, etc hav different accents).
spanish is hott :)
-jake: woah ur latina wanna fuk?

-camila: andate al carajo pendejo

-jake: wat bout a bj

-camila: tu madre
by nikikins August 16, 2009
A particularly good looking woman originating from Latin America. Most Latinas have tan skin, dark hair and dark eyes. However, they come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Possibly the hottest creatures on Earth.

Contrary to popular belief, this does not include people of the female gender from Spain, Portugal or Italy seeing as Latin means 'of Latin America."
Colombia has the hottest Latinas.

Every man on Earth wishes he had a Latina by his side.
by Juligannz March 08, 2006
Women of spanish decent. Usually the first to get pregnant. Extremely vane and feels they are an upgrade to black women (obviously not true, Id prefer a black girl anyday over a PR--sorry folks) Their only known for their sex appeal-nothing else. There's nothing special about them and theyre not crowned the sexiest females in my book. When they got OLD, they get OLD, and they tend to try to keep a hard grasp on their long gone youth. The minute they pop out a baby, theyre bodies just let go. And trust me, it aint cute. Some are beautiful, just like any race, and others...well just not so much. In short (too late) Latina is just an overated spanish female. They get knocked up, they think their better than black women, and they have nothing to offer but a sloppy pssy.
Psht, look around you youll ssee the latinas
by Sorry Its Just Facts July 10, 2010
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