a female usually of dark hair, dark eyes, full lips, long hair, stylin' clothes, and a whole lotta shizzam.
That latina got it going on!
by DJ C.Lu November 11, 2003
They finest type of girls in the world!From the way they walk,talk,dress,act,w/e!they look good.I'm black and race dont matter to me in a girl,but I perfer latinas!It's not either tits or ass in a latina,they have both!They're personallity's make them 10 times sexier.9/10 latina girls you pick out will be fine as hell.Yea you can get all technical and shit and say this country isn't hispanic or whateva,but IDC!
Not to mention they food is the shit!(I have dominicans and pr's in my family)
I'd take a plate of rice and beans,(sweet)plantains,any type of meat,and a coco rico.
A plate of collards,fried chicken,cornbread,and kool-aid
ANY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The only downside of latina's is that some of them be hairy as hell!!
"ayo Nic,go slap that girls ass!"
"You crazy?she's a latina,she gon slap me back!!"
by Truth904 June 21, 2006
A latin woman (Latina) is a woman of usually Hispanic origins, usually very traditional (old school) in their interactions with family and relationships, and from many different countries that although have Spanish as a common language, are all very different culture wise; some physical features (some Latinas look black, others native Indian, others Caucasian) are very different depending on the region. Are usually very family oriented as a whole. Are usually very feminine and like men to be assertive and masculine, not weak and dependent on the female.
'That Latina is curvy and gorgeous'
by RoseFlower October 22, 2014
a woman from latin descent (Spanish speaking countries) , latina's are sexy and the finest woman in the world. they are known for their big booties and their sexy curves , they have beautiful dark tan skin and black hair...
whoa that Latina over there is sexy
by goldenkurls November 13, 2014
A rude, preppy girl that can be quite annoying.
Dimitri: Hey dana, what's up?

Dana(Latina): Shut up you cock, you don't even have permission to talk to me, you talk too much, god..
by CaptainWhiteyBoy December 12, 2006
the small population of women who have the worst freakin attitudes!!!
Man i just got cursed out by a Latina
by Carmicheal August 04, 2008
1. A female with Indigenous, European, and or African ancestry.

2.We come in all shapes and sizes, we all have different skin tones ranging from olive,brown, light,and or dark skin. We have eye colors ranging from green to dark brown. We have all different hair types ranging from curly to straight and different hair colors ranging from dark brown to blond (not the fake blond that comes from dying ones hair). We are strong, beautiful,independent, hard working, passionate,loving,kind,warm, and intelligent. We are family orientated, because we are close to our loved ones. We also make great lively friends and good lovers.

3. Not all of us Latina's are hoes, stupid, trashy porn star-esque, easy women. Not all of us write like this,
AyE DiOs MiO, ThAt PuTa Is StUpId. We don't dye our hair blond, wear blue contacts, and fake and bake, and act like Chrisina Aguilera, she's not a Latina since she makes us Latina's look like dumb white trash bimbos and whores.

*Not all white girls are bad people, I have friends that are Caucasian and they are cool people. Also, I do know there are some Latina's that are born with blond hair and blue eyes, you're real and she's fake.
1. Mexican,Cuban,Puerto Rican, Dominican, Bolivian, Argentinean, Colombian,Brazilian, Peruvian,Uruguayan, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish etc...

Yo soy Mexicana y Italiana. Yo soy Latina.

2. Examples of famous Latinas; Eva Longoria-Parker, Samela Hayek, Eva Mendes, Shakira, Mayra Veronica, Nina Sky, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Christina Millian, Roselyn Sanchez, Alessandra Ambrosio, Giselle Budshen, Adriana Lima, Jessica Alba, Sofia Vegara, Selena, La La Romero,Constance Marie, Rita Moreno, Carmen Miranda, Rita Hayworth, Adrienne Bailon, Christina Vidal, Linda Ronstadt , Paz Vega, Sofia Loren, Lynda Carter, Gwen Stefani, Giada De Laurentiis, etc..

"You Go Girl"- Selena

3. Christina Aguilera is white all the way and is not nor will ever be Latina.

Me: Christina Aguilera is white.

Maria: Why do you consider her to be white? Isn't she half Ecuadorian?

Me: Well, let's see, she dyes her hair bleach blond, wears blue contacts, and acts like a dumb Valley Girl. What REAL Latina does that?! Plus, she acts white and makes all of us Latina's look really stupid. She doesn't claim being Latina either, Just because she made one album in Spanish and made one song with Ricky Martin, doesn't count.

Maria: Oh, I see what you mean. She is a stupid puta cabrona.
by Vero Marie June 01, 2010
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