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Such as from the country Costa Rica, filled with the best women and the best coffee.
I like my latina's like I like my coffee, made it Costa Rica.
by jojo campbell June 18, 2008
Latina is a femenine derivitave of the male adjective Latino. Latina defines a female with origins in one or more of the latin-american countries (Dominican Republic, most parts of south-america, puerto rico, etc). While most latina's will argue that females of Mexican descent do not fall into the same category as them, this subject is still up for debate. While most latinas are among the most gorgeous women in the world, they are also highly prone to excessive weight gain later in life if they fail to maintain their active lifestyles.
Ex. 1

Dude 1: "Man, I didn't know Jessica Alba was a latina."

Dude 2: "Yea man. I bet you didn't know that Christina Milian was Cuban either?"

Dude 1: "Word?"

Dude 2: "Word!"

Ex. 2

Diva 1: "I hope I age as gracefully as Sade, I know she must work hard at it."

Diva 2: "Yea, she is one sexy ass latina."
by Mr. Reality Music March 03, 2008
a woman from latin america, mexico , etc. considered to be the prettiest woman on earth, but i think every race iz pretty (: . i am 100% latina , and i have to say:
1: We AlL dNt TyPe lIkE tHi$
2. we dnt all have kidz by the time we are 18 FUCK WHOEVER SAID THAT !
3. we dnt all dye our hair blond, for some of us it iz NATURAL . we do come in all different shapez and sizes YA KNO !
4. we dnt all fail in school...me and my friendz are all latina/latino & we get A'S AND B'S
5. some of us arent all curvy...i am for my age but some off us are kinda flat and stuff , but there iz nothing worng with that, they can still b pretty !
6. we are not all vain & bitchy , we can be nice ya kno ! SO STOP BEING STEREOTYPICAL !!
if u r latina , BE PROUD !!!
by GUANACA PRIDE <33 July 14, 2010
sexiest gurls from south and north/caribbean america gringos no nothing about us we come in all shapes and sizes from white,tan,black blonde hair to usally black hair are asses are fine niggs and caucasians wana fuck us asians hav to much of smalls balls to imagine fucking us we speak spanish but are ancestors are of indian european and african culture if theres a chance we be all those mixes no ladies can be finer then us get ur fact straight we aint all brown but we all are fine ;)
bob: fuck man thats a latina shes gotta a fine ass
jamal:fuck no ugly ass american gurls that fine
by Rominasexyspician October 06, 2005
They finest type of girls in the world!From the way they walk,talk,dress,act,w/e!they look good.I'm black and race dont matter to me in a girl,but I perfer latinas!It's not either tits or ass in a latina,they have both!They're personallity's make them 10 times sexier.9/10 latina girls you pick out will be fine as hell.Yea you can get all technical and shit and say this country isn't hispanic or whateva,but IDC!
Not to mention they food is the shit!(I have dominicans and pr's in my family)
I'd take a plate of rice and beans,(sweet)plantains,any type of meat,and a coco rico.
A plate of collards,fried chicken,cornbread,and kool-aid
ANY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The only downside of latina's is that some of them be hairy as hell!!
"ayo Nic,go slap that girls ass!"
"You crazy?she's a latina,she gon slap me back!!"
by Truth904 June 21, 2006
Latina is someone who is Italian, Spanish, Portugese or Argentinian. In other words not hispanic, but European-white... most people confuse the two.
Latina's are very pretty.
by johnboy April 05, 2005
A rude, preppy girl that can be quite annoying.
Dimitri: Hey dana, what's up?

Dana(Latina): Shut up you cock, you don't even have permission to talk to me, you talk too much, god..
by CaptainWhiteyBoy December 12, 2006