The only girl that still looks good if she is overweight.
"Look at that big sexy booty on that latina."
by brent February 04, 2004
Prettiest and most warm-hearted girls in the world.
Typically interested in philosophy.
The prettiest and most lovely ones are usually called Maria.
She is not just a Latina, she is THE Latina.
by Cutelittlepuppy September 28, 2006
ok first off most latinas aernt skanks, I was browsing around and came upon some dumb ass definitions so I am going to clear them up.

Not all Latinas are mean
Not all Latinas are skanks
Not all Latinas are racist
Not all Latinas are here just to pleasure you
Most latinas Ive met are smart

Ive known latinas with straight A's
by FragUPlenty September 29, 2006
short form of "lingua latina" (vulgar Latin), the Latin of the common folk
French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian and Romanian are decended from Lingua Latina.
by Terra Imperator May 27, 2004
hot bitch
i'd love to see that latina naked
by adsf October 03, 2003
da buffest gals u can get.
fine booty big tits and sweet
damn dat latina is fine!!!!!!
by larry October 02, 2003
Latina is someone who is Italian, Spanish, Portugese or Argentinian. In other words not hispanic, but European-white... most people confuse the two.
Latina's are very pretty.
by johnboy April 05, 2005

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