a slut you call at 420 AM to suck your dick
"damn its late and im drunk, lets get some latenight"
by Kelly Shields April 03, 2003
Bitches who are called up by horny, drunk guys to begg them to come over and have sex.
Yo where da bitches at?

I don't know, let me hit up some late nights.
by kingoflatenights June 29, 2010
When two or more people meet up any time after 9:30 (or any time after their parents go to sleep) for the sole purpose of smoking a marijuana cigar/cigarette.
Mike - Yo you trying to late night tonight?
Trent - Yeah most def son I just gotta wait till my parents fall asleep or I'll be grounded.
Mike - Sounds like a plan meet me outside.
by Mike Dinizzle February 09, 2009
The type of meal from the hours of 12- 6 a.m. when the hunger pangs return because you should be sleeping. This applies mostly to college students who stay up studying/whatever instead of sleeping and must therefore go through the process of hunger yet other time.
Crystal: wish i got after hour, starving while studying isnt cool :(
Sergio: right?! someone who finally gets this!! after hour is where its at fo college studentts, what uppppp
Crystal: yeah seriously! that random time when you're hungry at night! after hour is where its atttttt

College Student: (talking to himself) i had breakfast, lunch, and dinner... time for some late night!!
by Sexynesssssss September 25, 2011
An event, person, place or thing that inspires much awe and is generally considered very very cool and quite unique. amazing sweet
You remember the time we got drunk and rode home in that crazy German guy's cab? That whole evening was totally late night!
by Dek-Du March 24, 2005
homosexual men who hang out late at night
Look at them late night ones
by Reginald Johnson September 16, 2003

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