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1. being in a drunk/high state 2. when something is unsatisfactory. 3. used when refering to an ugly object/person
1. Damn dick, I was real lates last night.
2. nah foo, that shits lates.
3. dick, that chick is lates.
by Jooleein November 18, 2008
Later, I'm out.
"Fuck this shit dude, LATE!@"
by Diego August 30, 2003
Term used when a woman has missed her period and believes she is pregnant.
Oh oh. I'm late.
by Anonymous April 21, 2003
dead, no longer living
the late john lennon
by Fini August 12, 2004
A chill way to say goodbye for those who are to lazy to finish the word Later.
"I'm out....lates yo."
by RockStarSurferChick March 17, 2003
someone or something that is lame( not cool, tight, crunk, etc.)
Tell that late bitch to sit down.
by Bottom boots sister March 07, 2005
good-bye; short for "later"
i'm takin' off -- lates, foo's!
by jdm November 21, 2002
1. when a situation becomes sketchy
2. when something/someone is lame or not cool

Derived from situations where using the time as an excuse. Example: Billy, who is collectively hated by most people at the party, enters the party in a loud and attention-grabbing fashion. Party-goers say "Well, it's late, I better get going," when really they just don't want to be associated with Billy.
1. It got late when the cops showed up to bust the party.

2. Justin is late because he tries so hard to draw attention to himself.
by DockmasterZ October 22, 2010