when in the process of eating a stack of pancakes, the final pankake usually soaked in syrup, is known as the last samurai.
are you going to finish the last samurai? nah, ive already had enough pancakes.
by casey January 01, 2004
Top Definition
A game played with a group of friends in which the challenge is to be the last one left at a place you wouldn't want to be, such as the site of a recent crime.

When played correctly, the game invites certain doom and dire consequences, much like a samurai charge on horseback up a hill into a line of riflemen and automatic Gatling guns.
"Dude, shouldn't we get going? The cops are nearly here!"
"No man, let's just stay here and play last samurai."

"Lol Chris won that game of last samurai after we took turns pissing in the club. He didn't run til he saw security coming!"

"Man Andrew was truly the last samurai when we went camping. We saw some wolves approaching and decided to play last samurai. ...he's still there."
by OBTS March 16, 2010

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