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lasher ... a beor ( womaon ) who is very pleasing to the eye.
jaysus lads look at that lasher there, i wouldn't mind a lash of her.

I never knew jerys sister was such a lasher.
by Jason July 01, 2004
37 17
One who leaves
You lashed me you lashing mofo!
by leonie April 03, 2003
45 21
One who exits a social situation quickly without saying goodbye

A thief
Where did you go you lasher?

He stole all my shit the lasher.
by Dr Merkin October 13, 2008
20 4
lasher(donkey) blackpool fans still trying to legalsise beastiality
make burnley dingles appear respectable
by nick November 14, 2004
40 25
to be very selfish. When one is a lasher they like to take and never give back. Such as in terms of girls. A lasher will bang everyone and claim them from all his friends. In the eyes of a lasher sharing is NOT caring
Stop being a lasher and let me have some sloppy seconds on mora.
by Dark Danny Brown February 16, 2007
6 6
1) Man that would go out with anything that resembles a pussy. 2) Man that goes out with fat ugly chicks
dude only a fucking lasher would touch that girl
by Drew Canning February 02, 2004
8 26