One who exits a social situation quickly without saying goodbye

A thief
Where did you go you lasher?

He stole all my shit the lasher.
by Dr Merkin October 13, 2008
Top Definition
lasher ... a beor ( womaon ) who is very pleasing to the eye.
jaysus lads look at that lasher there, i wouldn't mind a lash of her.

I never knew jerys sister was such a lasher.
by Jason July 01, 2004
One who leaves
You lashed me you lashing mofo!
by leonie April 03, 2003
lasher(donkey) blackpool fans still trying to legalsise beastiality
make burnley dingles appear respectable
by nick November 14, 2004
to be very selfish. When one is a lasher they like to take and never give back. Such as in terms of girls. A lasher will bang everyone and claim them from all his friends. In the eyes of a lasher sharing is NOT caring
Stop being a lasher and let me have some sloppy seconds on mora.
by Dark Danny Brown February 16, 2007
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