to go out have a good time drink loads, smoking loads, and bantering and pulling loads of people
thats was a quality night out on the lash
by nitta_54321 March 31, 2008
Top Definition
a night on the town heavily drinking with your friends, pub crawling.
We were out on the town having a lash with our mates!

That was a good lash last night.
by Bromi November 06, 2005
Heavy Drinking, usually at night time and purpotrated by a group of "lads", although females occasionally can join.
"Out On the lash tonite?
by BRRB March 24, 2007
When you are having sex.
Hey do you want to lash today?

Yes sure.....
by Erika Rodriguez March 11, 2014
a really hott guy/girl.
awww....look at the fella across the street ....he's such a fuckin LASH!!!!
to take without permission or take drugs
i lashed that boys laptop

he lashes crack
by Brownie July 23, 2003
when someone makes you angry or annoys you,you react to it

the reaction is lashing
stop vexing me or ill lash at you
by Babbi G July 04, 2010

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