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the las vegas coctail is a combination of soma and vicodin. Usually a user takes it in a two to one ratio soma to vicodin. Some say the effects are similar to heroin when the dose is high enough.
Man I was in a soma coma las night after I took 5 somas and three norco pills. A serious Las Vegas Cocktail
#soma #vicodin #norco #vegas cocktail #soma coma
by waywardpal October 09, 2007
When a person mixes the prescription drugs Soma, oxycodone, xanax. usually a standard dose of each, as these are all very potent. 350-700soma 10-30mg oxy, 1-2mg xanax (benzos)

Note: some people have scripts for all 3 of these. some don't.
Mixing up a Las Vegas Cocktail and relaxing on the couch tonight! lets the games begin!
#rx #xanax #soma #roxy #cocktail
by RxGrad December 15, 2012
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