This is a word that can be put in anything. It is an adjective, its a noun, its a verb, its an adverb... its Larz.
Hey dude, dude did you watch the larz podcast?
by Fatories June 22, 2010
Top Definition
more than gay.
1 man your larz
2 Jimmy is pretty freekin' gay, but man, Josh is larz
see also f4g, gh3y, and h0m0
by sacred September 26, 2003
A late night munger who's hobbies include....well, munging...and casual sex.
I am a Larz.
by the.masked.a.munger April 25, 2003
A boy who looks like a young punk rocker, but is most likely in his thirties. He sounds funny and charming, but really strings around girls behind each other's backs. He lies to women, is sometimes in a band and is no good. He's the kind of guy you would call a dirtbag and tell your friends to stay away from. You think he's cute and caring until you see his true colors. The kinda guy who seems sincere, but will just keep doing the same thing to you or your friends over and over again. Usually a smoker.
Don't go near that Larz at the end of the bar just because he's not with either of his girlfriends tonight.

Isn't that guy on the phone outside fighting with his girlfriend here with another chick? Total Larz.
by Emmz14 June 11, 2011
someone who is so dumb that they put there display name on myspace as larz.
hey look at that girl she is a fuckin larz
by laurenjewstew May 12, 2009
Larz; A yaroo who enjoys ecchi hentai and likes to be the uke.
dude, your such a flipping larz!
by Edward IV January 14, 2005
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