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1. A fatass
2. The white solid or semisolid rendered fat of a hog's ass
When people are obessed, they tend to have a lardass.
by Denny Tang February 10, 2003
Adam Richmond from the show Man Vs. Food on the Travel Channel.
damn, did you see Adam Richmond eat that massive omlette? what a Lard Ass
by NeroToxin June 22, 2010
a really really fat kid who when walks his entir stomach bounces and jiggles
God Damn Jaimes such a lard ass
by Duane Peters April 19, 2006
a fat obese person who eats to much and gobbles down anything they see
justin parks is such a lard ass
by alex s. November 15, 2004
A bad clan leader who sucks mocha flavored dicks.

Dumbed down: Kingdhalolord
Bad Clan Leader = Lard ass
by The Hat of Confused Mocha .Jr January 27, 2011
Someone who has an ass made of lard...
"OMFG! Look at Rachel Love. She is such a lard ass!"
by Not A Lard Ass August 18, 2008