As in "Pulling a Lardass".

Avowing to a web community that you are leaving them all for good, and then returning the very next day apologetic or under a new handle. Attestations of "I'm Leaving! I'm Leaving!" usually accompany this behavior.
Mike: "Man- I have GOT to quit this website, I am gonna get fired!"

Bob: "Ah. Pulling a Lardass, I see"
by Scott Lindeman November 08, 2006
Someone who eats everyone elses food. Cant help themselves but to be fat and ugly. Mating call is Bum Babba Bum Babba Bum.
Hey, yo dude did you see that kid! he ate all the food out of the cabinate! What a Lard-Ass!!!

Yea i heard his name is Quahmir
by DR. Thang November 11, 2012
when somebodies butt just looks nasty...or they just plain UGLY
by MZ DOUGLAS May 13, 2009
Obease person
"That lard ass over there is checkin you out...he probably wants to eat you."
by asdf December 12, 2002
Somebody who is so Fat that their Ass has become almost as big as the rest of their body
Look at that Lard Ass that is emmbarASSing
by Will181 September 10, 2009
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