See Also - Mcdonalds
"I'm gonna go get me a lard"
by Therapist_ July 03, 2005
fat on youre back occaisionly transparent
youre moms got lots a lard
by ashlie vicky September 19, 2005
An enthusiastic, friendly greeting, usually made from one male to another. It originated from an exaggerated "Lad!" ("Laaaaad!"), before obtaining the extra 'r' to give it a deeper, more solid sound.
Woahhh! John lard!
by Col April 23, 2004
Jello Biafra's (from Dead Kennedys) collaboration with Al Jourgensen from Ministry.
by MeBabyMe July 23, 2003
What Grizz's mom was made with.
Grizz: Shortcake... Is that made with lard?

Master Phinnaeus: ...Your mom's made with lard.
by Master Phinnaeus March 26, 2005
Gavin Lee's cum. Lovely.
Amy Rose likes lard., in her mouth.
by Szene Kid December 03, 2006

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