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A fat person that thinks that they aren't fat.
Bob: Hey you lard go get rid of that lard!
Bill: I'M NOT FAT!
by John Y. March 15, 2004
1)An extremely fatty substance usually found on obese people.
2)What the McDonalds burgers are dipped in.
1)She has enough lard on her to tip a tow truck.
2)Before serving the burger, he dipped the meat in lard, slapped it on bread, did not neglect to drop it on the floor and handed it to the customer. Now THATS good service!
by Gina Leonardo July 26, 2003
1. Pig Fat
2. Fat Person
1. There was a hunk of lard on the couch.
2. There was a hunk of lard on the couch.
by WingedKid January 12, 2011
Fat, fat people, lazy people who are fat,people who sit on thier ass all day that need to be carried from place to place and hardly move,fat girls who think they are not fat
Stop being such a lardass and get over here
Dude: OMG CHECK THIS LARDASS B*** shes so fat She can't fit through doors
lardass:I'm not fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Eat the darn lard!!!"
"stop being such a pussy you lardass"
by emonkeh December 19, 2005
An extreme kind of lazyness. This person will spend hours on the couch burbing and will hate washing. His sleeping quarters or pit are sickening and his feet will stink like a skunk. This person is a disgrace.
That person is a Lard
by Tzveta November 01, 2006
N. The Deity to whom televangelists pray
"We've been able to get our $8,000,000,000 in pledges-uh to support the new Mercedes for the Children outreach. Praise the Lard!"
by DaBunny June 03, 2005
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