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Ghetto Ma ; or a fly ass bitch; someone who is fresh to death, ain't afraid of nobody, & is also beautiful & fine.
That's my Laquita, what up gurl !!!!!!!!!!!!!
by *Bibi* March 05, 2007
83 32
A baws!
Person 1: Hey! I made the track team.

Person 2: You're such a La'Quita!
by Vessalius July 03, 2011
2 8
A woman who farts like an elephant. "Kitas" as they are known tend to have an over active anal gland that causes extremely powerful gas bubbles. Most are very good at investigations, but tend to miss work due to their gastric complications.
Damn....was that you LAQUITA?
by El Doctor Gasso January 15, 2010
31 50