A fast food restaraunt located in Grand Marais, Manitoba, Lanky's is home to the massive 24" hot dog. It is also famous for home made fries, awesome hamburgers, and great ice cream selection. The staff is local, so there is a lot of personality to the place.
I work at Lanky's. It is the best -- WAY better than the place next door ;)
by Seif_K May 14, 2006
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who says lanky is an insult? it's a compliment. most models are lanky: tall and skinny. a lanky walk, run, or dance is the best thing you could see. lanky people rock. most of them are really cool. lanky people look good in almost anything too and they could get away with anything they wear. they are on top of the world and everyone looks up to them :)
a lanky-wannabe: hey im lanky (tries to run like a lanky person)

a real lanky person: hey guys! (runs so "lankily")

lanky-wannabe: man i wish i was her :(
by fijdoifj June 18, 2005
tall skinny kid with long dangly arms, long stride,
Yo that steve leclair is one lanky ass muthafucka
by JonStEwArt April 12, 2005
Someone who has relatively long yet thin arms and legs. A lanky person is often tall and thin.
Hey look at that lanky boy over there run I think his name is John, those spaghetti legs of his make him fast and silly.
by Tom_RBK March 27, 2008
Definitely not neccesarily an insult, although like most words it can be used as one if the low-life insulting another person is that stupid. Mostly used as an amusing comment or nickname. Disproportionately tall and thin, especially referring to long arms and legs.
"My God, look at how lanky Emma's legs look!"
Unusually tall (maybe fed miracle grow as a child) and skinny.
Connor Hayes is lanky
by HeyBenNoo<3 October 04, 2011
someone who is tall and very thin, often used a a nickname or slaging term

guy:hey lanky, wats up
lanky : not much

also used to refer to someones appearance in a conversation.

"damn that tiarnan McCarry is lanky"
guy:hey "lanky, wats up"
lanky :" not much"

"damn that tiarnan McCarry is lanky"
by Ronan McLean June 30, 2005

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