A Sri Lankan gangsta, or generally any Sri Lankan cuz Sri Lankans are cool.
BOB: "That guy is from Sri Lanka, he must be cool. I wish I was a Lanksta then I would be cool too."
by Lankstareunion April 24, 2006
Top Definition
The word 'lanksta' comes from two main words.These words are 'Lankan' and 'Gangsta'. The word 'lankan' ic the slang fr the word Sri Lankan. The root of Sri Lankan is Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan means the people from Sri Lanka. The short form of Sri Lankans is lankan. Therefore Lanksta means a Lankan Gangsta. Sri Lanka is a small country located south east of india. The population of sri lankans in toronto is the 2nd highest next to chinese.
for ex; hehee i noe dis cus LANKAN PRIDE. i am lankan. i am canadian.
by Vinu December 12, 2004
Tall ass gangsta with a slim build with long ass legz and armz. BUT 100% STRAIGHT LOCC.
Yo man check out that lanksta, best not fuck with that G-LOCC-DAWGGIE he'll fuck us up yo.
by O.G January 01, 2004
Any tamil gangsta out der! Singahlese not included cuz they ant kool!

Sri Lanka + Gangsta = Lanksta

Used usually in The T-dot area (toronto)
because is overrun by them..
Lanksta 4 life
"THat lanksta killed that nigga with a machetti"

T-Dot TIgger (lanksta)
by DT_ViBE August 02, 2005
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