Lan Jiao n
the external male organ of copulation, used to transfer semen to the female. In most mammals, it is also used to expel urine from the body.
You wanna suck my Lan Jiao?
by XiaoDongXi March 29, 2006
Top Definition
A Hokkien vulgar term which means "Penis". Usually used by Malaysians, Singaporeans and Bruneians. Lanjiao can also be called kukujiao, kuku, jiaojiao, xiaodidi, didi or lanjiau

Opposite of cibai (vagina)

It is widely used for express ones anger or frustration.

Often accompanies by cibai in a sentence.

"You don't talk lanjiao there ah, I call my gang beat you up ah!"

"Lanjiao lah, you think Beckham is god meh?"

"What lah, you don't have lanjiao ah, go chase her lah!"

"Eh lanjiao-kia, siam tam pok lah, people watching tv wah!"

All the above conversations are in Singlish
by fuuyin August 10, 2006
It means penis in the Hokkien language
by Salphur July 18, 2003
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