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a truly amazing girl. funny in every way and just a tad weird..
but seriously she's one of those few real girls, she tells you how it is. she's extremely gorgeous even if she doesn't think so. shes someone i look up to kinda. she's just a good person. simple as that. always there for you. no matter who it is, people always want to be around her and no matter what kind of mood I'm in i smile when we talk. her personalty is contagious and i could never live without her. shell always be there for me.. thats something that I'm so very grateful for.
everyone loves LANDRI. no matter if they wish they hated her, they can't every find a legit reason.
by March 20, 2013
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An evil, tiny, fatman
wow, stop being such a landri

we used to be friends but now your actually SUCHHHH a landri
by ladashagasha January 24, 2011

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